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Anthony Chianese

Anthony Chianese

Associate Professor of Chemistry; Chair, Department of Chemistry
Chemistry , 305 Wynn Hall
p 315-228-7718

Equipment and Facilities

Our Lab: 306 Wynn

Most of our work is done in 306 Wynn Hall. Our lab was renovated in 2007. Here it is before:

A bare looking empty space prior to the renovation

And here it is after the renovation:

A well equipped, clean lab space

Three fume hoods equipped with vacuum-argon manifolds, for air-free manipulations using Schlenk techniques

An MBraun Labmaster two-person glovebox filled with argon.

A Combiflash RF for automated column chromatography.

Colgate Shared Facilities

We also make use of the Chemistry Department's shared facilities. Some of the following items are of particular significance:

Bruker 400 MHz NMR spectrometer

Oxford Diffraction Gemini-R X-ray diffractometer

MBraun Solvent Purification System