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Green Raiders

Each year, the Office of Sustainability hires interns to promote green living on the Colgate campus. These are our Green Raiders! 

Summer 2014 Green Raiders

Adam Berk '15

I am a rising senior from Denville, New Jersey double majoring in Environmental Studies and Music. A long time ago (give or take the mandatory 13 years), I was told by J. M. Barrie that "if you believe in curriculum overlap, clap your hands! Don't let the dream die!" To this day, I still believe.
Thanks to such timeless wisdom, I have been able to pursue both interests during my time at Colgate. I am fascinated by how sustainability links the ecological, economic, and sociopolitical worlds together on various scales, and the concern and attentiveness proponents have towards our actions' impacts on the future. This summer, I hope to make it easier for students, staff, and faculty alike to be more eco-friendly on our beautiful campus!


Ben Campbell '16

I’m a rising Junior and an environmental studies major with a minor in economics. I hope to further my interests in natural capitalism and sustainable business practices via my major in order to influence future leaders to incorporate sustainability into their decision-making process. I’m an active member of Colgate’s community, participating in Hamilton Middle School Mentoring, the Colgate Rugby Football Club, Green Thumbs, and Student Senate. 
While living a rural area of Central New York, I developed a strong connection to the outdoors and my surrounding environment. As I got older, this interest prompted me to make connections between my actions and their effect on the world around me, and subsequently resulted in a passion for sustainability. I’m looking forward to learning how I can assist the Sustainability Office in achieving our Carbon Neutrality Goal of 2019 and enacting sustainable change at Colgate.

Alexander Rojeck '15

I have loved the outdoors since I was very young, and always have seen value in preserving them. As the field of sustainability has come more into the public eye and I have learned more, I have become even more interested in conservation and sustainable practices. My view of the outdoors has shifted from “a great place to play” to “necessary for the vitality of our planet.” As a Molecular Biology major and Geography minor at Colgate, I am able to look at issues of sustainability from various perspectives, and am thrilled to be able to use my skill set to help make Colgate’s campus greener going forward!

2013-2014 Green Raiders

Jack Eiel

Jack Eiel ’15

Green Raider
I first got involved with sustainability in high school, when I was asked to make an instructional recycling video for the local elementary schools. My friends and I had a blast making the movie and the children cheered when "The Recyclables" finally defeated "Dr. Garbage." Here at Colgate I am a philosophy and biology double major. With my broad scope of study, I find it easier to see the big picture when it comes to environmental issues. I interned in the Sustainability Office this summer and I'm eager to work with the Green Raiders to reduce Colgate's carbon footprint and make campus more eco-friendly!

Kathryn Bacher

Kathryn Bacher ’14

Green Raider
Growing up in Connecticut, I developed a passion for the outdoors and a responsibility to ensure that future generations can enjoy it as well. As an Environmental Economics major I am always trying to convince people that fostering sustainable behavior does not only have ecological benefits but also economic and social benefits. Through the Green Raider Program, I hope to influence student behavior to the point where sustainable living becomes second nature.

Jenna Glat

Jenna Glat’14

Green Raider
I am a senior majoring in Geography and minoring in Spanish. I had always been interested in the outdoors as a kid, but it wasn't until I enrolled in my FSEM, Global Change and You, that I learned about sustainability from a more educational, hands-on approach. I'm really interested in promoting recycling and the use of reusable water bottles on campus -- I want people to know that the little habits they change in their lives can have an impact on the big picture!

Sara Reese

Sara Reese ’16

Green Raider
My name is Sara Reese, and I am a sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. As a sophomore, I haven’t officially declared my major yet, but plan to double major in Environmental Studies and Sociology. I spent my summer interning for Environment America, an environmental nonprofit lobbying and advocacy group in Washington, D.C.

Growing up in a family who practiced organic gardening, recycled, and challenged each other to take shorter showers, my family instilled in me the value of sustainability, which to me means giving back and respecting the Earth. My childhood experiences and environmental class in high school sparked my interest in a career that would allow me to share and pass along what my parents taught me. Interning in D.C. this summer, I spent the majority of my time educating and doing outreach work via social media, writing, and other methods, and I’m thrilled that I will be able to translate this experience onto Colgate’s campus this year.

Liza Solberg

Liza Solberg ’14

Communications Intern/Green Raider
I am a senior from the Chicago land Area. At Colgate I study Peace and Conflict Studies as well as Spanish. On campus I co-lead a COVE group called Best Buddies that works with special needs adults in the Hamilton community. I also teach Spin classes for PE Credit at Trudy Fitness Center and am a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and club ski team.

I joined the Green Raiders because sustainability is important to me and I hope to educate others and share all of the great things the Sustainability Office is doing on campus. I believe that environmental stewardship should be the norm on campus. Conservation is about taking responsibility for your actions and having a heightened awareness of being a part of something greater than yourself. Additionally, sustainability can be innovative and entrepreneurial as well as economically beneficial for those who practice it. Why not succeed, lead, and save a little money while you are being sustainability conscious?

Hugo Torres-Fetsco

Hugo Torres-Fetsco’14

Communications Intern/Green Raider
Hell my name is Hugo Torres-Fetsco and I am from Manhattan, NYC. I am a Junior in the class of 2015 and an Environmental Studies major. I love to be very engaged on campus in a variety of activities. I am the President of the 2015 Class Council, member of the men's rugby team, Brother of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, and a member of Brothers.

Sustainability is important to me because I believe it is necessary we preserve the resources around us. Although I am from a big city, I have always loved the outdoors and rural areas. I am particularly passionate about environmental justice and holding individuals accountable for their actions and impact on the environment. I think it is really important to educate those around us, what we can do collectively and individually, and why it is important to be environmentally conscious. I think it is great to see more and more people caring about the environment and the progress we are making as a society, and I just want to do my part towards a more sustainable future.

Gillian Fisher

Gillian Fisher ’16

Green Raider
This is my first year working as a Green Raider Intern for the Sustainability Office! I am a sophomore and an aspiring Environmental Economics and International Relations double major. I am from Lenox, Massachusetts, a small town on the western side of the state.

I have always been interested in the environment and how we can live more sustainable lives. Last year, I was in FSEM 124 – Global Change & You – where we learned about the impacts of climate change and then studied how we can help at Colgate. This sparked my interest in finding additional ways that we can reduce the Colgate community’s carbon footprint to eventually reach carbon neutrality. I also traveled to Costa Rica this past summer to work on two sea turtle conservation projects and lived in locations where water and energy consumption are not taken for granted. This experience definitely raised my environmental awareness even more. I look forward to working on Colgate’s goal of carbon neutrality with the student body this year!

Sale Rhodes

Sale Rhodes '16

Green Raider
My name is Evelyn Rhodes (Sale), and I am a sophomore at Colgate. I’m from Seattle, Washington and intend to double major in Environmental Science and Biology. At Colgate, along with being a Green Raider Intern I am on the Equestrian and Ultimate Frisbee teams, and hope to join the composting club this year.

Sustainability to me represents acknowledgement of our human dependence on the natural world. Awareness of our reliance on natural resources and the land we live on is important to me not only so that in the future people will continue to be able to enjoy the outdoors recreationally, but also because so much of our way of life depends on natural resources. Sustainability is a necessity and promoting sustainable living, thinking, and acting is how we will move communities toward a mindset that values preservation and consideration of the environment.

Matt Bambach ’14

Green Raider
My name is Matthew Bambach and I am a Senior from Fairfield, CT. I am studying Environmental Geography, and last spring I was lucky enough to take part in the ENST333 Extended Study to Buhoma, Uganda, alongside eleven other students and professors Frey and Klepeis. I enjoy running, reading, fishing, skiing, and play on the men’s squash team. I am also a small-group leader for Colgate Christian Fellowship.

Ever since I first got to Colgate, living sustainably has been very important to me. In my FSEM with Professor Cardelús, I learned more about climate change, building on my past studies in high school, and later became involved with a group of other freshmen to help implement sustainable practices into the Colgate community. The group wound up distributing aluminum water bottles to the students of HCS, and from that day on I have continued to work with the university to foster sustainability on and off-campus. I served as the Sustainability Chairman for my fraternity, Theta Chi, and am currently the program coordinator for Colgate Green Bikes. Hopefully this year can be a big one for Colgate students and faculty to move further in the direction that our Climate Action Plan is calling for, and as I’ve come to know the community here over the course of my past three years, I can find no reason whatsoever why it won’t be!

Nora Gordon

Nora Gordon '16

Communications Intern/Green Raider

My name is Nora Gordon and I am a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio. I am intending to double major in English with an emphasis on creative writing and Geography. I am very interested in communications, marketing and public relations. I am involved in CEG on Campus, The Network and The Creative Writing Initiative. I also enjoy making jewelry and photography.

Ever since taking my first Geography class freshman year I have been increasingly interested in the environment. Sustainability to me is a consciousness of how your actions affect the planet and humanity. I believe living a sustainable life with a low carbon footprint is beneficial not only to the outside world but to the individual as well. I think that American society all too often indulges and overuses unnecessarily. I am super excited to help promote and publicize the Green Raiders’ work and to be apart of the impressive Sustainability Office!

Grace Dennis

Grace Dennis '15

Green Raider
I'm a junior environmental geography major from Houston, TX. I love the ocean and being near water. Growing up on the beaches of South Carolina and Rhode Island led me to my interest in environmental issues and my passion for learning how to live a low impact lifestyle.

Sustainability is important to me because of the positive impact it has on preserving the natural world. I believe sustainability should become a habit for everyone and should be integrated into everyday actions. Together we can all make a big impact by making little changes to our everyday actions.

Breanna Giovanniello

Breanna Giovanniello '16

Green Raider
I am a rising sophomore from Cold Spring Harbor, New York and intend on double majoring in Environmental Studies and Geography. On campus I am a member of the Green Earth Gang, which promotes environmental awareness to local 2nd graders through interactive lessons as well as a participating member of the COVE Sidekicks Program in which I build and maintain a relationship with a local Hamilton Central School student over my four years at Colgate.

My love for the environment began back in eighth grade when my Environmental Science teacher first unveiled to me the mystique and promise of planet Earth. Catastrophic tectonic plate collisions, explosive volcanoes, meteor crashes, and the seeming fantasy of the ocean’s abyss, she made the Earth appear to have all the makings of a blockbuster movie. Later on in my academic career I learned about the Earth as a closed system and that unfortunately the harm we inflict daily is only intensifying. I was shocked to learn the extent of our continuous anthropogenic damage and how few people actually knew or cared about the consequences of our wasteful actions. The Earth is a remarkable place, which is why I find living sustainably so crucial.

Claire Lichtenstein

Claire Lichtenstein '16

Green Raider
"Hello! I'm Claire Lichtenstein and I am a Green Raider this year! I hail from New York, NY, and I am a member of the Class of 2016 here at Colgate. I am so excited to promote sustainability on campus this year! As part of my FSEM last year, Global Change and You,  I was introduced to John Pumilio, Director of Sustainability, and performed a research project to improve recycling at athletic events. Even going through the trash for this project (which wasn't all that fun) sparked my interest in Environmental Studies as my intended major.

Sustainability is important to me because it such a powerful concept. The idea that we can change habits to improve the environment is not only exciting, but it is also empowering. I want to help everyone on campus feel that they have the capacity to make a change in fun ways! Please feel free to reach out to me whenever and help us Green Raiders out!

Sammi Leroy

Sammi Leroy '14

Green Raider
Hello! My name is Sammi Leroy. I’m a senior from Chappaqua, New York double majoring in Geography and Chinese. My interest in and passion for sustainability solidified when I was a sophomore here at ‘Gate. I took urban geography with Professor Jessica Graybill and learned about sustainable cities – walk-able cities with filled and open spaces that are optimized for human and ecosystem health. The class opened my eyes to the opportunity we have as a generation not only to use our physical space sustainably, but to use sustainable practices in everything we do to make our world as healthy as possible. I am so excited to be on the Sustainability team at Colgate and to take action to make a greener and greater ‘Gate!