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Sustainability for Faculty and Staff

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Updates for Faculty and Staff

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Resources for Teaching Sustainability

If you are interested in on introducing topics of climate change and/or sustainability into your course, you may find the following resources useful: If you are interested in developing a module on sustainability and/or climate change, please contact Dr. Catherine Cardelús (BIOL & ENST, ccardelus@colgate.edu) or John Pumilio (Office of Sustainability, jpumilio@colgate.edu).

Get Involved

There are many ways for faculty and staff to cultivate sustainable practices on campus. Do your part by participating in the following:
RecycleMania is an annual recycling competition involving hundreds of colleges and universities. During eight weeks each spring, Colgate joins the effort to reduce waste, increase recycling, and raise awareness of conservation issues across campus.  

Since joining RecycleMania in 2010, Colgate's recycling rate has improved from 16 percent (2010) to 22 percent (2013) while our overall waste has decreased from 11 lbs per week per student (2010) to 9.5 lbs per week per student (2013).

Learn more about RecycleMania and Colgate's recycling and waste management program.
Green Office Program
This program provides a checklist for participants to "green" their work area. Get a team together and join today! Green Office Program
Sustainability Council
This is a group composed of students, faculty, and staff that serves as an advisory committee to the president about all things regarding sustainability. Sustainability Council

Green Tips for Faculty and Staff

We all know the three R's of being green: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. There is a strong emphasis on how to reduce and recycle on campus by doing things like printing double-sided, limiting energy use, and using the blue recycling bins. However, many people are unaware of the programs available to help you reuse.

By focusing on reusing, each of us can save resources and energy while reducing pollution and landfill waste! Check out these convenient resources available to you. Click here for even more tips!

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