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Community Garden

Researched, funded, and managed by students, Colgate's community garden grows farm fresh herbs and vegetables for all students to enjoy.
A class project grows to benefit an entire community.
Produce from the half-acre garden, on Route 12B, just south of the Colgate townhouses, is served on campus and also donated to the local food cupboard. The relocation of the garden from its previous location near the Newell Apartments provides a flood-free environment and access to a greenhouse.

Garden Updates

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The garden concept originated in 2009 when members of the Class of 2012 and ENST 480 students Megan Cronin '10, Teddi Hofmann '10, Maria Kryachko '10, and Kate Pavelich '10 completed a feasibility report as a class project.

The concept was then presented to and supported by the Sustainability Council.

Many individuals and several student groups rallied to the cause. The student group Green Thumbs, led the charge along with Club leaders Emily Sabo '11 and Halley Parry '11, adviser Professor Chris Henke, and director of sustainability John Pumilio. A 2010 Green Summit student group also helped carry the torch by dedicating their effort to the garden. 

Two student interns (Stacey Marion and Rob Jeffrey) were then hired to establish the garden. On June 2, 2010, ground was broken and Colgate's Community Vegetable Garden became reality.

During the summer of 2014, the garden was moved from its location by the Newell Apartments to Route 12B, south of the Townhouse Community. 

Today, our hard-working student interns and volunteers provide farm fresh herbs and vegetables to the Hamilton Food Cupboard and the entire Colgate community through a weekly farm stand in the Coop.

2015 Community Garden Update

Get Involved

To get involved with the community garden, get in touch with Green Thumbs, the student group primarily responsible for the garden and its operations. READ MORE