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Alternative Transportation

We’ve got places to go; let’s get there by going green.

Green Bikes

Green Bikes are an affordable, healthy, and convenient way to travel. Rent a Green Bike today and eliminate gas-powered transportation from your commute.

Green Bikes is a rental program managed by students, for students. For about $15 per month, you can have a Green Bike assigned specifically to you. Request a bike today and enjoy the convenience of a Green Bike to go where you want, when you want.

Since parking on campus before 3:30 p.m. is not an option, doesn't the freedom of a Green Bike just make good sense? READ MORE

Colgate Cruiser

The Cruiser is free and helps to lower our carbon footprint. Its routes cover residence halls, campus apartments and townhouses, locations near the academic quad, the grocery store, and the heart of the village.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There is a Level 2 ChargePoint station compatible with all electric vehicles (Tesla vehicles require an adapter) located on Lally Lane on campus.

Share a Ride

Faculty and staff carpooling
Carpooling allows employees to coordinate workplace-based carpools. The benefits include saving money, reducing vehicle emissions, and making new friends along the way. Contact Human Resources to find a fellow staff or faculty member to carpool with.


Zipcar is a program on campus that lets you rent a fuel-efficient or hybrid-electric vehicle at low cost. Colgate's Zipcars provide a means for transportation — when you want it — without the need to drive a car to campus. As a result, you end up saving more and driving less — way less! READ MORE

Investigating a Hybrid and Electric Fleet

Students in ENST 390 investigated the feasibility of introducing hybrid and electric vehicles to Colgate's fleet. READ MORE