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Success After Colgate / Russian and Eurasian Studies

Manager, Pricing Strategy
American Express Company
2010 graduate
Prudential Arizona Properties
1992 graduate
Senior Vice President, Operations & Systems
Chartis Insurance
1992 graduate
Special Agent
US Department of State
1991 graduate
Senior Information Management Analyst
Genzyme Corporation
1985 graduate
Inside Sales Representative
Walker Industrial Products, Inc.
2007 graduate
Senior Advisor on Russian Programs
Nuclear Threat Institute
1961 graduate
State of New York
1991 graduate
Vice President for Health Policy
Missouri Foundation for Health
1985 graduate
National Trade Publications Inc
1997 graduate
Senior Associate Director of Stewardship
Colgate University
2004 graduate
WeissWrite LLC
1973 graduate
Business Development Associate
GoldenTree Asset Management
2010 graduate
ILS Database Administrator
Hartford Public Library
1998 graduate
Staff Assistant
US Senate
2001 graduate
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Washington & Lee University
1992 graduate
Program Coordinator
Social Science Research Council
1990 graduate
Major (Balkens Desk Officer)
US Army
1982 graduate
Actress, Writer, Director, Producer
Chicago Improv Associates
1987 graduate
Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer
ACG Analytics, LLC
1992 graduate
Project Administrator
Blue Cross & Blue Shield
1980 graduate
Russian, Eurasian and Eastern European Regional Studies
Columbia University
2011 graduate
Chair-Political Science/Director-Intl Security & Intel Stud
Bellevue University
1993 graduate
Systems Analyst
Wall Street Data Systems
1980 graduate
Senior Operations Officer
World Bank
1990 graduate
Software Developer Inc
1987 graduate
Russian Orthodox Priest
Church of the Nativity of Christ
1969 graduate
Foreign Service Officer
US Department of State
1985 graduate
Legislative Director
Senator Bill Cohen(ME)
1966 graduate
Director of Marketing
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
1983 graduate
Independent Grant Writing Consultant
1967 graduate