Success After Colgate Results
Success After Colgate / Philosophy

Senior Consultant
IBM Corporation
2006 graduate
Marketing Campaign Coordinator
2011 graduate
Executive Director, Institutional Equity Division
Morgan Stanley
1999 graduate
Law Student- Beasley School of Law Class of 2014
Temple University
2010 graduate
Graduate Student
Columbia University
2011 graduate
Program Associate
America Achieves
2011 graduate
Wall Street Journal
2004 graduate
JD Candidate
University of Michigan
2009 graduate
Language Editor
MAIK Nauka/Pleiades Publishing, Moscow
2000 graduate
National Director
Neighborhood Assistance Corp of America
1992 graduate
Litigation Legal Assistant
Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP
2007 graduate
Sous Chef with Bobby Flay's Throw Down
Television Food Network
1983 graduate
Assistant Appellate Defender
Office of the State Appellate Defender
2005 graduate
Web Designer
International Rescue Committee, The
2009 graduate
Senior Travel Editor
Sunset Magazine
1996 graduate
Administrative Intern - Kenya
International Justice Mission
2010 graduate
National Geographic Society
2011 graduate
Senior Asset Manager
Equity Resource Investments LLC
2000 graduate
Strategy & Business Development
Outdoor Voices
2010 graduate
MA Candidate - Philosophy
University of Colorado
2010 graduate
Owner / Director
Beverly Farmers' Market
2000 graduate
Chief Information Officer
2012 graduate
H-P Products Inc
2006 graduate
Production Assistant, NFL Films
National Football League
2010 graduate
Senior Vice President - Agency Life Operations
New York Life Insurance Company
1996 graduate
Exec. Dir-Publicity & Inst'l Marketing--Children's Pub.Group
MacMillan Publishing
1980 graduate
Vice President for Concert Bookings and Theaters
Madison Square Garden
1995 graduate
Sales Assistant
2011 graduate
Practice Area Director
1990 graduate
Crate and Barrel Corporate
2000 graduate
New York Police Department
1992 graduate
Deputy Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
1989 graduate
Law Student
Fordham University
2011 graduate
Portfolio Management, CREF
Arbor Commercial Mortgage
2012 graduate
School Counselor
Staples High School
2002 graduate
Teacher, 8th Grade Mathematics
Bronx Preparatory Charter School
2002 graduate
Director - Global Capital Markets
1997 graduate
Assistant Public Defender
Law Office of Cook County Public Defender
2002 graduate
Presidential Management Fellow - Financial Analyst
U.S. Small Business Administration
1997 graduate
Professor - Philosophy
Georgia State University
1986 graduate
Legal Assistant
Social Security Administration
2009 graduate
Master's Student '12 -- School of Music
New York University
2010 graduate
Washington Correspondent
TIME Magazine
2004 graduate
Case Manager
The Forensic Panel
2011 graduate
Financial Planner
Schwab & Company Inc, Charles
1997 graduate
Marketing & Artistic Assistant - Tokyo, Japan
Nanago Trading Company
2010 graduate
Senior Vice President - Fox Sport Media Group
Fox Television Group
1992 graduate
Press Secretary
McCain, Office of Senator John
2011 graduate
Rare Book Seller
Eilenberger, David
1992 graduate
File Clerk / Paralegal
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
2011 graduate
Law Student
Villanova University
2011 graduate
Client Solutions Professional
2011 graduate
Admissions Officer & Program Coordinator
Columbia University
2010 graduate
Advertising Sales - Publishing
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia LLC
2010 graduate
Director of NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign
Transportation Alternatives
1998 graduate
Information Technology Manager
Country Music Association
1994 graduate
2000 graduate
Metropolitan Real Estate Equity Management
2011 graduate
Instructional Designer
Zearn LLC
2002 graduate
Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Professor of Education
Stanford University
1980 graduate
2nd Lieutenant - Fort Bragg, NC
US Army
2010 graduate
Fine Art Management
Summit Art Advisory, LLC
2011 graduate
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
2010 graduate
Financial Advisor
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
1987 graduate
Research Analyst
Swarthmore College
1998 graduate
Communications Assistant
Teton Valley Ranch Camp
2010 graduate