Success After Colgate Results
Success After Colgate / Chinese

Director, Market Analytics (Nickelodeon)
MTV Networks
2008 graduate
Commerce Staff Counsel & Supply Chain Specialist
Emerson Electric Company
2010 graduate
Volunteer -- Ukraine
Peace Corps
2008 graduate
Manager, Strategy & Business Planning
American Express Company
2008 graduate
Associate Attorney
Henderson Law Firm
2004 graduate
Computational Linguistics Student
Indiana University
2011 graduate
Art Director
Havas Worldwide
2009 graduate
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
2011 graduate
Freelance Tutor/ Editor in China
2009 graduate
Marketing and Communications Officer, Building Distribution
Saint-Gobain Corporation
2009 graduate
Account Manager
HLP World Access Services
2008 graduate
San Francisco Program Coordinator
Hands On Bay Area
2005 graduate
Law Student
George Washington University
2009 graduate
English Professor
Southern Yangtze University, China
2008 graduate
Comparative Law
Hopkins-Nanjing Center
2011 graduate
Graduate Student - International Politics in China
Johns Hopkins University
2009 graduate
Associate Account Strategist, SMB Services
Google, Inc.
2011 graduate
JD Candidate
University of Virginia
2009 graduate