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Veterinary Medicine Student
Michigan State University
2004 graduate
PhD Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Wesleyan University
2011 graduate
Resident Physician
Cleveland Clinic
1995 graduate
Surgical Resident
Cornell University
2002 graduate
Buffalo Psychiatric Center
2002 graduate
Pediatric Resident
Texas A & M University
2005 graduate
Peace Corps
2011 graduate
Pharmacology Student
Dartmouth College
2011 graduate
Field Assistant
Euro Exploration Services
2011 graduate
Internal Medicine Resident
University of Utah
1998 graduate
Scientist, Molecular Biology
Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Labs
1999 graduate
Assistant Scientist
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
2003 graduate
MD Candidate
Johns Hopkins University
2011 graduate
Research Associate - Harvard Medical School
Harvard University
2011 graduate
Medical Student
Jefferson Medical College
2012 graduate
Graduate Student - Biomedical Sciences
George Washington University
2008 graduate
Peace Corps
2008 graduate
PhD Associate
Yale University
2003 graduate