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Success After Colgate

At Colgate, we consider the success of our alumni, young and old, to be one of our most prominent distinctions. 

How Alumni Are Using Their Majors

See what alumni from each of our 55 majors are doing now by selecting a major below with the dropdown menu.

Professional Networks

The Colgate Professional Networks were created to support undergraduate professional development, promote alumni engagement with Colgate, and cultivate new professional opportunities for members.

The current networks are:

Connect to Careers

Former and current students interning at CNBC

An internship is a great way to advance a student's career exploration process. The university works with our dedicated alumni to help in this important process and provides a wide range of other options for career exploration.

Alumni Connections

A picture of friends hugging.

The combination of broad knowledge and laser-like academic focus creates an ever-growing “Who’s Who” of alumni that few colleges and universities can come close to matching.

Career Programs

Real World Conference

A wide variety of events and programs help graduates to become successful. In addition to multiple programs offered by the Center for Career Services, events throughout the year like Real World and SophoMORE Connections bring successful alumni to campus to mentor and assist students.

Careers and Colgate

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