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Intellectual Engagement

At Colgate, the way students learn is as integral to their education as what they learn.  
A student and an instructor review a book.


With a 9:1 student-faculty ratio, our students work in close proximity with award-winning faculty who are at the top of their intellectual game and have earned terminal degrees. Over the past two years, we have actually added nearly 30 tenure-stream faculty positions on campus. ABOUT FACULTY

Majors and Minors

With 55 majors and numerous minors — all of which provide undergraduate research opportunities — students build both a broad intellectual foundation and an intensive academic focus. MAJORS AND MINORS

Core Curriculum

Colgate's core curriculum provides common ground for wide-ranging student-faculty interactions. Designed to be ambitious and enduring, the core encompasses four common courses that develop critical thinking, effective writing, diverse perspectives, and lifelong inquiry. As part of the core, students also choose among electives that carry “global engagement” designations.

Outside the Classroom

Classroom learning is just one form of intellectual engagement here.  Each year, Colgate offers more than 20 faculty-led off-campus study programs, as well as short-term extended-study programs, usually including three to six trips that are connected to a Colgate course.

To further enhance their education, students may choose from a broad array of living-learning arrangements and theme houses, volunteer opportunities, research projects and internships, and a wide variety of academically oriented clubs.