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Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship Institute Student Incubator

With the guidance and mentorship of experienced alumni and parent entrepreneurs, students apply to the program with a venture in mind and work during the academic year to bring it to fruition.

How it Works

Students may apply to the TIA Student Incubator with ideas they want to make into a for-profit, not-for-profit or campus initiative. On eight Saturdays throughout the academic year, student entrepreneurs and mentors meet in Hamilton for workshops and presentations developing entrepreneurial skills. During and between these meetings, students work on their projects and consult with their mentors in person, over the phone, and via Skype.

While the program lasts for a full academic year, students have the option to continue their involvement with the same venture or a new one by reapplying for multiple years. 

Look Failure in the Face

Not every venture will be successful, and that's okay! We operate with a policy of "entrepreneur first, venture second." Our goal for participants is to graduate the program knowing the language of entrepreneurship, and feeling comfortable asserting and acting on their ideas, even when success seems against the odds.

Current Ventures

Anyone interested in the program, but not quite sure what we mean by "venture" should check out what current program participants are up to now. VENTURE EXAMPLES

Program News and Updates

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