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About the Center

The center for the Shaw Wellness Institute is home to numerous campus events and programs, as well as a perfect place to relax, study, and socialize.
Dr. Ian Connole speaking in the Wellness Institute

Reserve the Center

Our space is open for students, clubs, and faculty use upon request. Please e-mail tmantaro@colgate.edu if you are interested in using our space for an event, program, or discussion!

Our new space was made possible thanks to generous donations from Jay '76 and Debi Shaw. Their continued support and encouragement for the Institute has also led to two full-time staff members and six student interns. Through the continuous support from the Shaws, other alumni, and the Colgate community, we are able to provide numerous services, programs, and events throughout the year!

Center Hours

Visit us in Cutten Hall - campus map
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Open until 8:00 p.m. Thursdays
Therapy dogs from Wanderer's Rest come to Shaw Wellness Institute.

Wellness Programming Spotlight

Continuing this semester, a dietitian will be available once a week to answer all of your healthy-eating questions! Schedule an appointment online here.
Employee Wellness
Human resources provides a range of employee wellness programs and recognizes the importance of maintaining and promoting the health and well-being of its employees.
'Gate Fitness
Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with the help of the 'gate Fitness programs! Wellness Workshops offer numerous exercise and body image programs, free for the Colgate community. Also explore other fitness workshops and opportunities offered by Trudy Fitness Center!
LGBTQ Health and Wellness
LGBTQ Initiatives and the Shaw Wellness Institute partner to create programs for students which promote healthy, purposeful, and balanced lives within the Colgate community.

The Shaw Wellness Institute resources include:
  • Wellness Institute library 
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and testing
  • Use of Shaw Wellness Institute for club meetings or events
  • Program outreach for sexual health topics by Peer Health Educators
Connect with your mind and body while setting aside the stress of everyday life. Join the Shaw Wellness Institute and Chapel House for a weekly zen meditation class, available for students, faculty and staff. 
Tai Chi
An ancient Chinese form of martial art, exercise and self cultivation characterized by slow, balanced and flowing movement. Promotes relaxation, concentration, improved posture, and overall improvement in the function of the mind and body.
Self relaxation
The Shaw Wellness Institute now offers students the opportunity to try out relaxation training tools. Benefits include a quieter mind, greater mental clarity and balance, relaxation, and increased focus and concentration.
Student Yoga Community

This is a brand new student-run, women-centered yoga group on campus that meets weekly. We are seeking to focus on the psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga practice, using our sessions as a weekly release from the stress of hectic lives. All levels of experience welcome!
Therapy Dogs
Join the Shaw Wellness Institute for some canine stress reduction featuring therapy dogs from Wanderer's Rest, the local shelter. There will be several dogs and time for everyone to hang out, chill, and enjoy a study break. Free tea and snacks provided.
Yoga Classes
Recognition and management of the symptoms of stress by using the tools of Yoga; such as posture, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization and progressive relaxation.

Tea Tuesdays
On Demand
Take your mind off your work and de-stress with a craft, board game, hot chocolate, and tea, available on demand in the center! E-mail program assistant, Shannon Hanby (shanby@colgate.edu), with your request two weeks in advance, and bring a group of friends to the center for a fun program.
Wellness Wednesdays
On Demand
Join wellness institute director, Thad Mantaro, for new ways to balance your life. Programs will introduce students to ways to relieve stress, get more sleep, avoid over commitment, reduce technology overload, and stay healthy (avoid colds). E-mail him two weeks in advance at tmantaro@colgate.edu to request one of these programs, or ask about another topic of interest like managing anxiety, working with depression, or eating right.
Free Condom Fridays
Grab a condom, or even a whole handful on your way to or from lunch at Frank Dining Hall!