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Teaching Tables

Syllabus Discussion and Exchange

August 15, 2016 at 12:00 p.m., Coop Conference Room (Click Here to Register)

New(ish) to Colgate, or have a new or revised syllabus on which you’d like to receive feedback?  Please consider joining us for a brief overview and discussion of what a syllabus at Colgate should cover, followed by exchanging draft copies of your syllabus with a colleague or two, where we can then read and provide feedback on each other’s syllabi in small groups.

Doug Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology; Director of the Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research

Student-to-Student Writing Feedback (9/09/2016)

September 9th, 2016 at 12:15, 101A McGregory Hall Conference Room (click here to register)
This teaching table will offer approaches for implementing peer review of written assignments and other projects in classes. The presenters will describe methods of assigning reviews, setting deadlines for drafts, facilitating student exchange of papers, and organizing and leading in-class sessions.

April Baptiste, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Jenn Lutman, Director of the Writing and Speaking Center
Heather Roller, Associate Professor of History

Lunch will be provided.

Obtaining and Using Mid-Semester Course Feedback (9/23/2016)

The facilitators will briefly introduce the topic of mid-semester course feedback, including both informal (e.g., Google Forms) and formal approaches (i.e., Small Group Instructional Diagnosis).  The bulk of our time will be sharing ideas in an open discussion.  If you use, or are thinking about using, mid-semester feedback in your courses, and would like to discuss with colleagues, please do come join us if your schedule permits.

• Douglas Johnson, CLTR Director and Associate Professor of Psychology
• Jeff Nugent, Associate CLTR Director, and Director of Academic Technologies

Time/Date/Location: 12:15 p.m. / Friday, September 23 / McGregory Hall - 101A Conference Room

Lunch will be provided.

(more to come as the semester progresses)

Fall 2016 Mentoring Coffee / Lunch Program

Pre-tenure faculty are welcome to invite a tenured faculty member to coffee or lunch on campus to discuss teaching and/or scholarship.  The two faculty members may be from different departments / programs.  Please contact rchapin@colgate.edu *before* meeting to let us know of your plans and to obtain a budget code.

Faculty Reading Groups

Almost a tenth of our faculty participated in a Faculty Reading Group in 2015-2016.  CLTR will again support Faculty Reading Groups in 2016-2017, with more information to come early in the Fall of 2016.

Course Redesign Workshop?

If you may be interested in a course redesign workshop after White Eagle, please contact me (djohnson@colgate.edu).  If there is sufficient demand I will organize a mini-retreat on campus for those of us who are interested.

Fall 2016 Faculty Events

Teaching Tables, Faculty Reading Groups, support for informal mentoring, etc.