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Members of the Center for Language and Brain at Colgate University.
Center for Language and Brain members posing as a group


  • Ben Fallon '15
  • Skylar Lindsay '15
  • Rachel Siciliano '15
  • Kristen Weiner '15
  • April Bailey '14
  • Jessica Huang '14
  • Michael Manansala '14
  • Annie Zheng '13
  • Youngsun Cho '13
  • Carmen Lin '12
  • Zach Zhao '12

Joining the Research Team

Any student who is interested in contributing to our research that address Center for Language and Brain questions are welcome to contact Spencer Kelly or Yukari Hirata to become a member.

Normally, students first shadow ongoing research on a voluntary basis, then start taking greater responsibility over a couple of semesters. The research is not tied to specific classes, and students work 5-15 hours per week.

While we work as a team, students may voice their own ideas and develop them as their individual projects. Students may pursue research with the Center for Language and Brain as their senior, honors, or high honors theses.
Rachel Neal '16 and Annie Zheng '13 presented their senior honors theses at the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS) conference in Paris. Jessica Huang '14 and Michael Manansala ’14 presented CLB research at a conference in Kobe, Japan. Here they share a relaxed conversation about the research with Japanese scholars after the conference. Researchers celebrated their intense research activities at the end of the academic year. Carmen Lin '12 presented CLB research in a poster session in Hong Kong with the co-directors Spencer Kelly and Yukari Hirata.