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Summer Research Fellows

James Madison Fellowship, Richard Stone Fellowship
The Center for Freedom and Western Civilization will sponsor up to three students each summer to pursue faculty-mentored summer research projects focused on themes related to the Western heritage of freedom and civilization. Projects can utilize a range of research methodologies and technologies, and can be done at Colgate or off-campus.

James Madison Summer Research Fellows are for students pursuing projects at Colgate under the guidance of Colgate professors.

Stone Fellows will pursue their research projects at the CEVRO Institute in Prague, Czech Republic, under the guidance of CEVRO faculty.

Both the James Madison and the Stone Fellows will receive a stipend of $4,500 for the summer; Stone Fellows will receive additional funds (up to $2,000) to support travel and on-site research.

Current second or third-year students may apply each spring.

2016 Summer Fellows

Jonathan (Jake) Baynum ‘18
James Madison Fellow
Project description: I am the James Madison Fellow at the Center for Freedom and Western Civilization. This summer I was tasked with writing an original research thesis concerning the political theory behind America's Founding Fathers, in particular that of Alexander Hamilton. My thesis will focus on the theoretical and religious aspects of Hamilton and the ebbs and flows of both of these sides throughout Hamilton's life and writings. In addition, I will be attending a conference at the CEVRO Institute in Prague, Czech Republic to study classical liberalism with students and faculty from around the world.
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Jenny Robinson for website
Jenny Robinson ’18
Richard Stone Fellow
Project description: Through this fellowship, I hope to explore the effects of a liberal education and a peaceful society. Via the theories/philosophies of classic philosophers (such as Aristotle and Cicero) as well as those of classical modern philosophers (Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke), I hope to come to a conclusion on the best means of educating a society to create the most effective citizens for a democracy.