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Department of Recreational Sports

Intramural Sports
Looking to have fun and stay active? Drum up a team and compete for an intramural championship! READ MORE
'Gate Fitness
Our classes and workshops are tailored toward all levels of fitness -- everybody fits! READ MORE
Club Sports
Keep your competitive spirit alive by practicing and competing with one of our competitive club sports teams. READ MORE
Recreational Facilities
Did you know we have a trap shooting range? Check out its hours and all our other great facilities! READ MORE
Physical Education
Go climb a tree! There are a number of fun and exciting ways to fulfill Colgate physical education requirements. READ MORE
Trudy Fitness Center
At nearly 15,000 square feet, Trudy has ample space for both aerobic and weight training.
Intramurals, club sports, and fitness and wellness opportunities balance demanding schedules and contribute to a lifetime of healthful regular physical exercise habits.

IM Leagues

Colgate's online platform for club sports and intramural sports is Sign up today and create your profile, so you can join club sports or an intramural team.

Club Sports

Colgate's diverse club sports offerings provide you ample opportunity to both learn new sports and compete in your favorites. Clubs are led by student officers and most are student coached. Many clubs compete against area colleges.


Intramural Sports

On campus you can compete in a variety of intramural competitions in which the primary goals are fun, fitness, and community. Of course, that doesn't mean intramural championships aren't hotly contested!


Employee Recreation

The Department of Recreation is excited to offer Employee Recreation Workshops, which present faculty and staff with opportunities to take advantage of recreational facilities and instruction at no cost.


Open Recreation Facilities

Colgate provides a variety of facilities for you to pursue individual and group fitness and recreational activities. Availability Changes throughout the year. 
More about Rec Facilities and Open Hours

Colgate ID or Memberships May be Required.
Memberships available for purchase on Monday - Friday at the Huntington Equipment Cage from 7 a.m. to close.

Outdoor Education

Learning cannot and should not be confined to a classroom. Get outdoors with our nation-leading and innovative Outdoor Education Program, which will get you hiking, climbing, boating , and exploring your sense of adventure.


Physical Education

There is a physical education requirement for graduation. A wide array of classes are offered each semester to provide students with opportunities to learn new skills or get a good workout. Students may take any of the courses offered by the PE DepartmentWellness Passport  or  Outdoor Education program for either credit or their personal enrichment.

PE course schedules are updated each unit. Please refer to the course descriptions for the latest information. Registration information is emailed to students prior to each unit.