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Protestant Life at Colgate

Community Bonding
University Church and the Colgate Christian Fellowship often have joint events, such as the picnic pictured here. GET INVOLVED
Local Trips
University Church students often take trips to local attractions, such as Endless Trails in Hubbardsville, NY for a mid-winter sleigh ride and hot chocolate.
Mardi Gras Banquet
The University Deacons helped to plan a town-gown fundraiser for the Mid-York Holiday Project. Another Mardi Gras Banquet is in the works for 2014.
Spreading Holiday Cheer
The Newman Community, University Church, and the Colgate Christian Fellowship team up to go Christmas caroling.
Following in the footsteps of Colgate's founders, we continue the work and ecumenical worship of University Church and the pursuit of truth and learning, in the process sustaining a strong Christian community on campus.

University Church

Colgate University had its genesis in the American Protestant tradition. We carry this heritage forward in the work and ecumenical worship of University Church, with gratitude for our founders, who saw no discrepancy between the life of faith and the pursuit of truth and learning. University Church strives to be a diverse Christian community of worship, sacrament, service, prayer, and intellectual engagement.

All activities and services are open to the entire Colgate community and we draw great encouragement from the vibrant and diverse religious life here. University Church also affirms and seeks to work together with other Protestant groups on the campus and Protestant churches in the community. LEARN MORE

Worship Schedule

12:00 p.m. on Sundays in the Chapel, followed by a catered lunch in the Chapel basement.

Evening Services: October 6 and November 11


Reverend James (Putter) Cox III

Reverend James (Putter) Cox III
Protestant Chaplain

Meet Our Leaders for Fall 2013!

Please contact any of the following deacons with any questions you may have: