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Ciccone Commons

Colgate's pioneering, faculty-led living-learning community that launched during the fall semester, 2015.


Rebecca Shiner, Professor of Psychology

Rebecca Shiner

Professor of Psychology

Phone: 315-228-7193

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Rebecca Shiner is a professor of psychology. Her research explores the ways that our personality traits develop and change over time and the ways that our traits shape our life outcomes and well-being. She is trained as a clinical child psychologist, and she has keen interest in the development of psychological disorders, especially anxiety and depression. Professor Shiner is grateful for the chance to spend time with students outside the classroom in her role as director of the Ciccone Commons and is eager to work with the Ciccone Commons staff and residents to make the commons feel like a home. Outside the classroom, Professor Shiner enjoys singing, cooking, and spending time with her husband, Mark, son Leo (a student at Brown), daughter Sophie (a high schooler), and dog Sally (a beagle mutt).

Jack Nelson

Jack Nelson

Assistant Director of Residential Programs

Phone: 315-228-7961

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Jack works with students living in the Ciccone Commons and Townhouses. He is a recent graduate from Le Moyne College, where he received his B.A. in Philosophy, and is currently pursuing his M.S. in Higher Education Administration at Syracuse University. He loves the people at Colgate and in the Village of Hamilton, and he hopes to develop programs that foster an inclusive campus environment where students can flourish.
Mark Shiner, University Chaplain and Catholic Campus Minister

Mark Shiner

Chaplain and Catholic Campus Minister

Phone: 315-228-7680

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Deacon Mark Shiner is the university chaplain and Catholic campus minister.. He started working at Colgate in July, 2003. A graduate of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., Mark was ordained a deacon in the Diocese of Syracuse in 2012 after an additional four years of post-seminary training. He has served on Colgate's Student Affairs Board, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, NCBI, and many other projects, and he has advised numerous student groups within and beyond the chaplaincy. He has been a guest lecturer in a number of Colgate classes on topics including Catholicism, the Bible, and contemporary music. His passions outside of work and ministry include playing drums and guitar, writing, and spending time with his family.

Avatar for Sarah Lemon '12

Sarah Lemon ’12

Residential Fellow

Phone: 315-228-7961


Curtis Hall and Drake Hall
Curtis Hall Residence
Curtis Hall and Drake Hall are the homes on the hill for Colgate's first residential commons in 2015-16. The commons is led by faculty-staff duo Rebecca and Mark Shiner. Most of the rooms in Curtis Hall are double bedrooms, with the exception of six suites, while Drake features a variety of room types, though most are traditional doubles as well. Every floor has a student lounge or common space, and laundry facilities are located in the basements of each hall. Curtis Hall is home to the satellite student health clinic, while the Office of Residential Life is located in Drake Hall, accessible via a separate entrance.

Cleaning responsibilities
All common spaces, including lounges and bathrooms, are cleaned by facilities staff. Students are responsible for cleaning within their own rooms.

Dining status
All first-year students and sophomores are required to enroll in the Premier Gold plan.

Resident class years
First-year students and sophomores participating in the Curtis-Drake residential commons.

Two students sitting on their beds in their Curtis Hall residence.Coeducational?


Curtis: 233
Drake: 212

Room types

Single room
Double rooms
3-person rooms
3-person suites (available to sophomores only)
4-person suites (available to sophomores only)
5-person suites (available to sophomores only) 
100 Broad Street – Residential Commons Annex
100 Broad Street About the residence
The residence serves as an annex to the Curtis-Drake/100 Broad Street Commons. Upper-level students living in this residence serve as mentors and ambassadors to the first-year and sophomore students living in Curtis and Drake Halls, and the residence's common spaces are used for regular dinners and inclusive social gatherings for the residential commons. Most rooms in 100 Broad Street are suites with two large rooms (a common room and a double bedroom).

Dining status
All first year students and sophomores are required to enroll in the Premier Gold plan. Juniors and seniors living in this residence may opt in to a meal plan, or may use the in-residence kitchen to prepare meals.

Cleaning responsibilities
Common spaces, including kitchens, lounges, and bathrooms, are cleaned by facilities staff. Students are responsible for personal items, dishes, laundry, and toiletries.

Interest housing
Curtis-Drake/100 Broad Street Commons annex


Resident class years
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors


Room types

Named for ...

Dianne-Cicconne-061616Diane Ciccone ’74, P’10 was one of the first 132 women to enroll at Colgate. She is a founding member of Colgate’s Alumni of Color organization. Diane is a former member of the alumni council and the Board of Trustees. She is a frequent volunteer and student adviser, and she created a fund to support the ALANA Cultural Center. She has received the Maroon Citation and the Wm. Brian Little ’64 Award for Distinguished Service. READ MORE