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Greek Life Advisory Council

Our fraternities and sororities have a very rich history on campus. Greek-letter organizations have supported our university-wide mission by providing an enriched out-of-class living and learning experience.

Students participate in a leadership development training

What is the Greek Life Advisory Council?

The Greek Life Advisory Council is made up of representatives from each of our fraternities and sororities. The role of the Greek Life Advisory Council can be best summarized into five categories:
  • Information gathering and assessment
  • Standards and accountability
  • Advocacy and public relations
  • Leadership
  • Greek Life advancement

Representatives on the Council Will Have the Opportunity as a Collective Group to:

  • Unite the members of the Greek Community in the spirit of mutual interest, and to keep open lines of communication between the Greek organizations and the campus community
  • Build an inclusive Greek community and enhance the collegiate experience by supporting opportunities for leadership, academic success, civic engagement and the creation of fraternal bonds
  • Reflect on fraternity/sorority issues to promote and enhance the quality of Greek Life and the collegiate community at-large
  • Assist the Inter-Fraternity Council and National Panhellenic Council in their efforts to further intellectual and social accomplishments of Fraternity/Sorority Life
  • Cooperate with the university, community, and administration in the maintenance of high social standards
  • Improve and maintain relations between the fraternal/sorority organizations and the surrounding community

The Greek Life Advisory Council is an Important Part of the Dean of the College's Broader Priorities for Campus:

  • Intellectual vibrancy
  • Inclusive community building
  • Creating a culture of reflection