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Colgate Speaking Union

The Colgate Speaking Union is an ensemble of student clubs focusing on the power, utility, and beauty of the spoken word and its skillful employment to achieve socially valued ends.

Colgate's Spanish Language Debate Team: Final Round CMUDE 2014 Mexico City, Mexico

The Opportunities

CSU's members organize and run on campus tournaments, public discussions, and speaking competitions. CSU's members also compete at regional and international tournaments. From New York to California, to Buenos Aires, Bangkok, and beyond, CSU's members meet and compete with people from around the world. In July, the Spanish Language Debate Team traveled to Madrid to compete at CMUDE 2013. Also, we have traveled to Chennai for the annual WUDC.

The Activities

  • Applying their liberal arts education, CSU's clubs converse and compete. 
  • They act as politicians as they advocate policies through parliamentary debate. 
  • They act as diplomats as they engage in strategic and respectful negotiations toward the creation of resolutions or the management of crises
  • They act as attorneys as they prosecute and defend.
  • They act as colleagues as they build consensus in group discussions. 
  • In sum, they gain practical experience and develop speaking skills suited to the pursuit of a fruitful public life.

The Ensemble of Student Clubs

The Colgate Speaking Union consists of:
Club news:
Lewis Public Speaking Competition One-word Prompt poster

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