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Summer Research — Information for Students

Each summer, more than 150 undergraduates work in concert directly with faculty members on projects that touch the frontiers of discovery.
Karen Harpp points information out on a computer monitor to her student summer researchers.Most fellowships are funded directly by Colgate. Additional fellowships receive funding from corporate or foundation grants, individual donors, or individual faculty research grants.

Summertime research often results in the presentation of papers at professional meetings or publication in journals, with undergraduates as co-authors and exhibitors. Students and faculty from all academic departments and divisions participate.

There are two ways for students to pursue research on campus over the summer, outlined below.

There are two ways (outlined below) for students to pursue research on campus over the summer:
  1. Faculty-initiated fellowships
  2. Student-initiated fellowships
Students may also be interested in paid research opportunities outside of Colgate.

Non-Colgate Opportunities

For Faculty

If you are a faculty member interested in applying for funding to support student researchers over the summer, please see the summer research information page for faculty.

Faculty-initiated Fellowships

Each summer, many faculty members from across the university will have research positions available to students to collaborate on their existing projects. Students interested in collaborating in one of the projects (listed below) may apply to the faculty member through an online application form.

The student will collaborate in the research project at a high intellectual level for up to 10 weeks over the summer, receiving a stipend of $425 per week.

Available positions


Stages Deadline
Students online applications to faculty February 9, 2015
Faculty decisions announced to students February 17, 2015
Students reply to faculty February 24, 2015
Summer housing Summer housing information

Student-initiated Fellowships

This type of funding envisions research projects supervised by faculty mentors but proposed by students. This research does not need to be related to the faculty member’s research, but the faculty mentor must agree to supervise the student for the duration of the project. Students apply for funding in consultation with faculty mentors. Information about applying and application deadlines may be found at the student-initiated summer research page.

Contact Information

Questions about specific summer research opportunities should be directed to the advising faculty member.
Questions regarding the summer research application process and funding opportunities may be directed to:

Renée Chapin, CLTR Coordinator

Karyn Belanger, Director of Undergraduate Research