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Summer Internship Funding Application Process

How do I apply for funding, and on what criteria will my application be evaluated?

How to Apply

Applications and all required forms must be submitted by the deadline. Late applications will not be considered. The 2014 deadline has passed, and we are no longer accepting applications. To apply in future years:
  1. Complete the Application Form.
    • If you do not receive a pop-up confirmation message after submitting your Application Form, please contact Career Services (315-228-7380) to confirm whether the application was received.
    • You can view a PDF of the application here, but must complete the Google Form for your application to be considered.
  2. Submit the following materials via the naviGATE posting.  You will not be able to apply through naviGATE until your resume has been certified by Career Services.
    • Budget Proposal: Please download form and fill it out locally, as calculations will be figured automatically. After you've completed the budget sheet, SAVE IT AS A PDF.  Upload it to the 'My Documents' tab in naviGATE with a document type of 'Other Documents.'
    • Essay Responses: Once completed, upload the file to the 'My Documents' tab in navigate with a document type of 'Cover Letters'.
    • Resume : Resumes must be certified by Career Services during the 2013-2014 academic year.
    • After uploading all documents to 'My Documents', go back to the position listing.  Click the 'Apply' button and submit your application materials. Application materials must be submitted through the posting for your application to be considered.

Application Review

Career Services will compile all paperwork, remove student names and ID numbers, and distribute to members of the selection committee.

The Summer Funding Selection Committee is comprised of faculty and staff. The committee members will review applications against a rubric (see attached). Every application will be reviewed by three separate readers. Scores will be aggregated and candidates ranked accordingly. Funding will be disbursed to the highest ranked eligible candidates, and is not available to all applicants.

The Committee will evaluate applications on the following criteria:
  • Strength of application (evidence of time spent, compelling rationale, well-written).
  • Clarity of learning objectives (was applicant able to clearly define potential takeaways from the internship?).
  • Persuasive articulation of how THIS internship (as compared with other experiences) allows applicant to accomplish proposed learning objectives.
  • Based on whether the student indicated the experience was exploratory in nature or purposeful with regard to his/her career goals, the internship will allow the applicant to explore a potential area of interest AND/OR demonstrates a clear relevance to applicant’s future goals.
  • Proposed budget was an accurate representation of costs associated with internship, and did not project inflated expenses.
  • The student provided compelling rationale as to why this experience is critical to his/her career development as compared with a similar experience that is more convenient or with fewer associated expenses (closer to home, in a paid position, etc.)?
  • For international internships, evidence of research and/or understanding of cultural dynamics, and the maturity to be able to successfully navigate a new culture.
Students should expect to hear determinations on funding from Career Services by Friday, April 11, 2014

If an applicant is offered and accepts an internship other than that proposed in his/her application:
  • The student must resubmit his/her proposal to demonstrate how the new internship is comparable in value and its ability to satisfy the projected goals of the original experience.
  • Students should consult with Shauna Hirshfield in Career Services (, 315-228-7380) immediately when an employer makes an offer and before the student accepts it.
  • Career Services reserves the right to retract funding offers if the final internship does not accomplish similar goals to those outlined on the original proposal.  

Awards and Payment

  • Students who have been awarded funding are expected to notify Career Services immediately upon accepting an offer.

  • For all funding recipients, Career Services must receive confirmation of acceptance of the internship offer and all other required paperwork before any funding will be released.

  • Funding is not intended to replace wages for one’s experience.  Instead, it is meant to help cover supplemental costs associated with pursuing an unpaid or underpaid internship including, but not limited to, living (housing and utilities), transportation (travel to city of employer, daily tolls/commuting costs), and food.  Funding toward other expenditures will be considered on an individual basis (e.g. workplace attire, dry cleaning, immunizations for international trips, or lost wages). 

  • A summer funding award will likely not cover all expenses in full.  Students are expected to contribute to the associated costs through part-time jobs, savings, family contributions, and/or other awards/grants, when possible.  The Center for Career Services recognizes that this may not be possible for some students, and will adjust grants accordingly.

  • The maximum award amount is $4,500 for domestic internships and $6,000 for international internships.  The total award is contingent upon duration of the internship, geographic location, and a student's ability to contribute to the experience. 

  • Bi-weekly payments will be made throughout the duration of the internship, beginning at the end of the Colgate pay period that coincides with the start date of your experience.  The total award will be split evenly across the number of pay periods during the length of your internship.

  • In compliance with IRS regulations, all awards are considered taxable income.  The taxed amount will be deducted from each bi-weekly payment.  Applicants should plan on roughly 25% of the total award being deducted for taxes.  Considerations should be made when completing the Budget Proposal.

  • Students requiring advance funds to help cover airfare or housing down payments can send requests to by May 1, 2014.  The maximum advance is $500.00 or the cost of airfare.  The advance amount will be subtracted from the total award, and the remainder will be split evenly across the bi-weekly payments.

  • Upon completion of all paperwork, please expect a minimum 2-3 week turnaround for funding to be released.

  • As a condition of receiving funding, short assignments are required while on site.  Award recipients must comply with all set deadlines and requirements.  Should a recipient default on his/her contract, the student will become ineligible for future Career Services funding opportunities.  Career Services reserves the right to inform a student’s internship provider of his/her non-compliance and violation of Summer Funding policy.