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Summer Funding Policies and Procedures

Learn more about funding eligibility and the process through which funding is awarded.
Below you will find information regarding eligibility to apply for summer funding, and policies and procedures around the process.  Please also refer to the Summer Funding Sources page to learn more about the different available funds and their donors, or to the Summer Funding Application Process site to better understand the process through which to apply.

Student Eligibility

  • Only students who have completed all components of the Summer Funding Application before the deadline are eligible to be considered for funding.

  • Applicants must have completed at least one semester at Colgate, and intend to enroll in at least one remaining semester at Colgate. Students who are graduating December 2017 – May 2020 are eligible to apply for funding during the 2017 application cycle. Funding is not available for May 2017 graduates.

  • Student resumes must be certified by Career Services during the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • If an applicant seeks funding for an internship outside of his/her home country, it is the student’s responsibility to secure proper work documentation and visas to pursue the opportunity prior to the start date listed on the Internship Confirmation Form.

Other Eligibility Requirements

  • Funding is available to help cover unpaid and underpaid experiential education opportunities: internship, research (including field school), volunteer work, and independent projects.

  • Funding can be available to help pay for program fees associated with internships or academic experiences.  However, awards to students applying for funds to cover program costs are subject to the maximum grant amounts and funding awards will preference living and travel costs over program fee expenses.  Applicants for program fee coverage are encouraged to itemize and separate living and travel expenses from the overall program fee.

  • International internships are subject to additional review to evaluate risk and to ensure the student’s safety and preparedness. Career Services and Colgate will not sponsor grants for travel to international destinations that currently or at any point during the application process have heightened associated health and/or safety risks.  Please conduct adequate research via the U.S. State Department and International SOS (member number: 11BSGC000073) to assess if the experience you are considering and the location to which you’re proposing travel currently has any travel, health, or safety advisories or warnings.  If so, before advancing your application, please consult with Sarah Dustin at 315-228-7380 or to determine the eligibility of your proposal. When reviewing international internship funding proposals, Career Services will consider: U.S. Department of State advisories, International SOS ratings, a student’s experience with international travel, and the nature of the proposed experience (with a group, on the ground support, etc.).  Preference for international funding support will be given to internships that are at least 4 weeks in duration.

  • Applicants cannot access funding from multiple Colgate sources. If you have committed to receiving funding from the Lampert Institute, Upstate Institute, student- or faculty-initiated summer research, TIA, Colgate summer employment, or another Colgate source, you are obligated to withdraw your funding application through Career Services. Likewise, if you commit to accessing Career Services’ funding, you must withdraw your application for other on-campus funding sources’ application processes.

Awards and Payment

  • Maximum grant amounts are: $3,500 (domestic) or $5,000 (international) for an 8-week or shorter experience; and $4,500 (domestic) or $6,000 (international) for an experience that exceeds 8 weeks. The total award is contingent upon multiple criteria, including the duration of the internship, the geographic location, and a student's ability to financially contribute to the costs of the experience.

  • Students who have been awarded funding are expected to notify Career Services immediately upon accepting an offer. For all funding recipients, Career Services must receive confirmation of acceptance of the internship offer and all other required paperwork before any funding will be released.

  • Funding is not intended to replace wages for one’s experience and cannot, in fact, replace lost wages. Instead, it is meant to help cover supplemental costs associated with pursuing an unpaid or underpaid internship including, but not limited to, living (housing and utilities), transportation (travel to city of employer, daily tolls/commuting costs), and food. Funding toward other expenditures will be considered on an individual basis (e.g. workplace attire, dry cleaning, immunizations for international trips, etc.).

  • A summer funding award will likely not cover all expenses in full. Students are expected to contribute to the associated costs through part-time jobs, savings, family contributions, and/or other awards/grants, when possible. The Center for Career Services recognizes that this may not be possible for some students, and will adjust grants accordingly.

  • Payment will be made upfront in one lump sum once all required paperwork is completed. Career Services reserves the right to demand payback from the student if recipient does not comply with all requirements and deadlines.

  • In compliance with IRS regulations, the funding granted by Career Services in support of one's internship is considered taxable income. Funding recipients are responsible for reporting this award on their 2017 tax returns. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.

  • Upon completion of all paperwork, please expect a minimum 2 week turnaround for funding to be released. All funding awards will be distributed within 30 days of submitting final paperwork.

  • As a condition of receiving funding, short assignments are required while on site. Award recipients must comply with all set deadlines and requirements. Should a recipient default on his/her contract, Career Services will revoke the funding award AND the student will become ineligible for future Career Services funding opportunities. Career Services reserves the right to inform a student’s internship provider of his/her non-compliance and violation of Summer Funding policy.