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Music and Youth Fellowship

This fellowship is a paid summer internship program that will allow you to work in nonprofit youth development organizations in the Boston area.

Students are selected on a competitive basis based on their demonstrated commitment to community service, a desire to work with under-served youth in a musical capacity, and the potential to pursue such work after college.

About the Music and Youth Initiative

Gary Eichhorn ’75 and Joan Eichhorn P’05 founded the Music and Youth Initiative in 2004 with the mission of providing the benefits of a music education to underserved youth. Concerned that music programs in public schools had been dramatically curtailed, they wanted to provide a vibrant after-school music program for youth, ages 10-18, and to use music as a vehicle for developing self confidence and self esteem. Learn more about the nonprofit at Colgate's news blog.

Music and Youth currently sponsors a total of 12 clubhouses in Massachusetts, which are operated by the following youth development organizations:
  • Lawrence Music Clubhouse, Lawrence – Lawrence YMCA
  • West End House Music Clubhouse, Allston – West End House Boys & Girls Club
  • Blue Hill Music Clubhouse, Dorchester – Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston
  • Hyde Square Music Clubhouse, Jamaica Plain – Hyde Square Task Force
  • Sociedad Latina Music Clubhouse, Mission Hill – Sociedad Latina
  • Dorchester Music Clubhouse, Dorchester – Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester
  • Everett Studio Clubhouse, Everett – Boys & Girls Clubs of Middlesex County
  • Lynn Studio Clubhouse, Lynn – Lynn YMCA
  • Charlestown Studio Clubhouse, Charlestown – Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston
  • Yawkey Club of Roxbury, Roxbury
  • Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club, Chelsea
  • Waltham Studio Clubhouse, Waltham

Fellowship Opportunity

Music and Youth and a Colgate fellowship coordinator oversee the application and hiring process for the summer fellowship program. Those awarded a fellowship receive a stipend of $3,500 and are assigned to a specific music or studio clubhouse in a youth development organization (Boys and Girls Club, YMCA or community based organization) working 40 hours per week for 8 weeks. The fellowship runs from June 23 - August 15 - no exceptions. The 2014 application deadline has passed.  We are no longer accepting applications. Apply in future years, follow these steps:
  • Complete the application before the deadline.
  • Next steps: you will then participate in an initial interview and selection process at Colgate. In addition, Music and Youth will also conduct interviews with fellowship candidates, including an evaluation of which clubhouse is the best fit for the candidate. Specific clubhouse placements will not be made until April, but you will be informed as to whether your placement will be in the city of Boston or elsewhere in the Greater Boston Area.
  • In April, you will go through an interview process with the staff at the identified music clubhouse/youth development organization to ensure the best fit between student/music clubhouse.

What to Expect as a Fellow

  • The internship will run for 8 weeks.
  • No vacations, absences, delayed start dates or early departures are permitted, except where sanctioned by Colgate with the assent of the sponsoring organization, or in exceptional circumstances.
  • The internship is a full-time (40 hours per week, Monday-Friday), pre-professional commitment; no other outside employment or coursework is allowed, unless sanctioned by Music and Youth.
  • Some organizations may require Saturday hours; however this would be specified in advance.
  • In the case of internships that have a shorter workday, you are responsible for calculating the hours necessary to reach a 40-hour work week, and with your supervisor, for arranging additional work to cover this gap. This must be arranged prior to commencing the internship. The nature of the additional work could be:
      • A research project related to the work of the organization
      • Support work for special projects such as fundraising, event planning


  • Attendance is mandatory at on-campus orientation sessions in March/April. If you are abroad, orientation sessions must be completed using Skype. A third group orientation session will be required in early June, just prior to the start of your internship.
  • You must agree to and sign the Music and Youth Risk and Responsibility form, in addition to the required Colgate paperwork.
  • You must read the Clubhouse Owner’s Manual prior to the start of your internship.

Job Description

Your job description will be available during the Music and Youth orientation sessions prior to the start of your internship. The job description will:
  • Identify the employer’s needs and expectations for your internship, both on a typical day and in terms of the larger mission of the organization.
  • State the goals and objectives of the position and/or project to be undertaken.
  • State duties and responsibilities, and define the time frame in which each is to be completed.
  • State your reporting line as an internship employee within the organization.
  • Provide you with an internship timeline

Documenting the Experience / Additional Requirements

  • Maintain and submit a journal of experiences.
  • Read And Still We Rise by Miles Corwin
  • Obtain -- with permission from your organization -- any work product you helped to generate, for your portfolio. This could include reports, CDs, videos, and press releases.
  • Participate in an exit interview with Music and Youth; provide written feedback in the form of a survey or essay questions.
  • Write a thank-you note to donors
  • Participate in the Summer Expo or other relevant on-campus program