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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Summer Funding?
Summer Funding is a program designed to support students pursuing unpaid or underpaid summer experiences by helping to cover the supplemental costs (living, transportation, food, etc.) associated with those experiences. Last year, thanks to our generous Colgate alumni and parent donors, we offered approximately $725,000 to support the summer pursuits of 211 students.
Who is eligible to apply?
Currently matriculating students (Class of 2020, 2019, 2018, and December 2017 grads) in good academic and behavioral standing are eligible to apply for summer funding. Students must also have their resumes Career Services certified within the current academic year before the application deadline.
For what kinds of opportunities can I use a Summer Funding award?
Students can apply for funding to help support internship, volunteer opportunities, research projects, or other experiences that provide meaningful professional growth. Awards are intended to help cover rent, utilities, transportation, food, or other living costs, and cannot serve as a replacement for wages.
Do I need to have a confirmed internship or other summer experience before applying?
No! Students who already have secured internships, are still in the process of applying, or who have just started their search are invited to apply. We ask that you clearly articulate your summer intentions, including specific search criteria, meaningful summer goals, and reasoning for pursuing an experience. Application strength will determine tentative funding offers. You will need to confirm your summer plans in order to access your award, though internship confirmation is not required until a later date.
What if I don't know what I want to do this summer?
Still apply! Our career advising staff is equipped to work with you to discuss your areas of interest and how those might translate into careers. Complete the application based on your goals and interests, as broad as they may be. Even if you don’t know your lifelong goals (that’s okay!), on the application you should indicate what you hope to get out of the summer, whether it be professional exposure to different workplace environments, specific skills, acclimatization to a certain location, or to further develop your network.
How do I apply?
Resumes must be Career Services certified in this academic year prior to the deadline in order for your application to be considered. In addition, students must submit an online application form. Late applications will not be considered. The 2017 Summer Funding application is now closed.
How much funding might be available to me?
Maximum grants for internships that are 8 weeks or less are $3,500 (domestic) and $5,000 (international), and $4,500 (domestic) and $6,000 (international) for internships that are longer than 8 weeks. Students will submit budget proposals for review at the time of their internship confirmation. Funding amounts are influenced by factors such as duration of internship, geographic location, and students’ ability to contribute financially. While we ask that students help contribute to their summer expenses with savings, part-time job earnings, family contributions, or other grants/awards, we understand that not all students have this ability. A student’s demonstrated financial need will be carefully considered.
How can I get help with my application and/or with finding an internship/summer experience?
Our career advisors are prepared to help you develop your application materials and review your short essay responses prior to submission. Advisors can walk you through the search process, alert you to different search resources, and help you put together application materials.
Can I still get funding even if I do not receive Colgate financial aid?
Yes. A student’s demonstrated financial need does not factor into whether or not you receive an initial tentative funding offer. It can, however, impact a student’s actual grant amount. If students demonstrate the ability to make a partial contribution to summer expenses with personal savings, part-time job earnings, family assistance, or other grants, they may be asked to do so.
What is the application review and selection process like?
Applications are reviewed by a committee of Colgate faculty, staff, and alumni. Each application is scored by three committee members based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to, clarity of learning objectives, relevance of experience, and search preparedness. Funding will be awarded to the highest scoring applicants, and a group of others will be placed on a waitlist. Learn more on our Application Process page.
When will I know if I have received a Summer Funding award?
Tentative offers will be made on Friday, March 31. These initial offers are conditional upon the student securing a summer experience that aligns with the goals laid out in his/her funding application. Final offers will be distributed within one week of students submitting internship confirmation paperwork.
I'm being asked to commit to a summer experience now, and I need Summer Funding. What are my chances of receiving an award?
Applicants will be notified by Friday, March 31, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee any funding prior to that time. Approximately 47% of our 565 applicants received funding offers last year, and students can expect an equally (if not more!) competitive process this year (30-50% offer rate) due to increased interest. Everyone who remained on the waitlist and completed all requirements went on to receive offers in the 2016 cycle. If you are asked to commit to an experience before March 31, you should consider whether this is an experience you can afford in the event that you do not receive funding.
What if I get a paid internship?
That’s awesome! If your supplemental living costs (rent, transportation, food, etc.) outweigh your earned wages, then summer funding can still help you cover those. However, if your paid experience can cover these expenses, then you are unfortunately no longer eligible to receive funding.
How long should my summer experience be?
There is no minimum length for summer experiences. However, we are committed to funding substantive and quality experiences. It may be difficult to experience the full depth of an opportunity in a short period of time. This is particularly important for international internships, where Career Services would be hesitant to fund opportunities less than 4 weeks in duration that, due to their short time frame, would not give students meaningful career exposure.
Can I travel internationally?
Yes! International internships are subject to additional review to evaluate risk and to ensure the student’s safety and preparedness. Career Services and Colgate will not sponsor grants for travel to international destinations that currently or at any point during the application process have heightened associated health and/or safety risks. Please conduct adequate research via the U.S. State Department and International SOS websites to assess if the experience you are considering and the location to which you’re proposing travel currently has any travel, health, or safety advisories or warnings. If it does, please schedule a meeting with Sarah Dustin (315-228-7380) to discuss whether or not the locations to which you’re proposing travel would be eligible for funding.
Does Summer Funding cover program fees?
Funding can be available to help pay for program fees associated with internships or academic experiences. However, awards to students applying for funds to cover program costs are subject to the maximum grant amounts and funding awards will preference living and travel costs over program fee expenses. Applicants for program fee coverage are encouraged to itemize and separate living and travel expenses from the overall program fee.
Can I receive funding if I am already being paid by Colgate this summer?
No. Applicants cannot access funding from multiple Colgate sources. If you have committed to receiving funding from the Lampert Institute, Upstate Institute, student- or faculty-initiated summer research, TIA, Colgate summer employment, or another Colgate source, you are obligated to withdraw your funding application through Career Services. Likewise, if you commit to accessing Career Services’ funding, you must withdraw your application for other on-campus funding sources’ application processes.
How do I find housing for my internship?
Refer to our housing search resources page for some tips.