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Gap Year Experience

Use a gap year (or several) to bridge your college years to full-time professional employment or graduate school.
Gap years can come in many shapes, sizes, and durations. A gap year may be community service, travel, a post-graduate fellowship, an internship, or a job.

Benefits of a Gap Year

Whatever the setting, a gap year can:
  • Enhance your qualifications for a particular job or graduate program.
  • Provide the necessary exposure to a specific field, in order to determine whether to pursue it further.
  • Demonstrate your level of maturity, commitment, or focus.
A gap year can have a very positive impact on your future goals. However, we recommend that you NOT pursue a gap year to delay your entry to the real world, or for lack of better options. If you're unsure about your direction, please visit our Pathways to Success page or make an appointment to speak with an advisor.

Searching for a Gap Year Experience

How do you identify gap year experiences? The gap year position search is very similar to that of the typical job or internship. Many students create a string of experiences to fill a gap year, which will take your careful planning and budgeting. Our advisors can assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.