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Alumni Career Advisory Network

Welcome to the Alumni Career Advisory Network (iCAN). This resource complements our growing career services toolkit to support our students and alumni during their career exploration and pursuit.
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What is iCAN?

iCAN is Colgate’s proprietary Career Advisory Network. With iCAN you can:
  • Search for Colgate alumni. Fields include: major at Colgate, graduate degree area, employer, location, Greek or athletic affiliation, alumni of color identity, etc.
  • Initiate conversation with an individual of interest by connecting through iCAN.
  • Learn from others in the Colgate community to explore career fields of interest
  • And ultimately, develop a web of individuals with whom you share common professional interests and to whom you can ask questions or advice pertaining to your career path.

What is the Difference between iCAN and naviGATE

iCAN is Colgate’s online alumni career network, and naviGATE is our job and internship database.

Through naviGATE, you can search for and apply to jobs and internships, including Colgate Premier opportunities geared specifically at recruiting Colgate students. All applications, deadlines, and the calendar of upcoming dates are available on naviGATE. iCAN will not list open positions, but will allow you to search by a variety of criteria to connect with Colgate alumni across a diversity of career paths.

Certification Process

All alumni have instant access to iCAN. Students must complete this certification process to utilize iCAN: 

Certify your resume this year
: You can certify your resume in an advisor appointment, by meeting with a peer advisor, or in our daily Quick Question slots. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Once you’ve been certified, you must create a new username and password to log into the system and authenticate your identity via the “First Time Login” screen. Your Colgate credentials will not grant you automatic access.

You only need to do this process once and you will always have access to iCAN.


Networking Log
The networking log can help you track and manage your new connections.
Questions for Informational Interviewing
These sample questions (PDF) will help frame and sustain your discussion with an alum.
Outreach Draft Example
This skeleton draft (PDF) will help you organize and create an e-mail you can use to reach out to alumni.