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Choosing and Using Your Major

Choosing Your Major

“What should I major in?” and “what are my career options with this major?” are common questions from Colgate students. The truth is, there is no perfect major for most career fields. A thoughtfully executed liberal arts education will equip you to pursue your career goals.

Rather than selecting a major based on your possible career path, study what you love. What do you enjoy learning about? What makes you tick? In which kinds of classes do you excel? Career Services can help you answer these questions and determine which career paths incorporate what you enjoy most about your academic studies.

Visa restrictions on international students interested in working in the U.S. will factor into academic major choices.

The Liberal Arts Advantage

The Colgate liberal arts setting and curriculum develop essential critical thinking, strong written and oral presentation, teamwork, leadership, time management, an ability to work with diverse teams, and much more. These professional skill sets provide a strong foundation for virtually any industry. Combining your liberal arts background with relevant internship experience will set you apart from other candidates. Download the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2013 'Top Skills Employers Seek' (PDF).

As with any application process, the ownership falls on you, as a candidate, to articulate how and why your liberal arts experience will differentiate or advantage you to your prospective employer. Advisors can assist you to develop your pitch. Make an appointment.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Do you love your major? Learn more about some of its practical applications and how you might incorporate your studies into the world of work. What can I do with this major?

Make an appointment to discuss your options with a career advisor.

Success After Colgate

See what alumni who graduated with a particular major are doing now. Use the dropdown menu below to select any of our 55 majors to find opportunities in your field. You can also work with an advisor to obtain access to search iCAN by academic major to find additional results.