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Day of Impact

More than 1,700 alumni, students, parents and friends across the globe showed their Colgate spirit by participating in the Colgate Day of Impact on Friday, March 13, 2015.

We are inspired by the stories and pictures you shared throughout the week. Relive the celebration and enjoy the Colgate Day of Impact in review.

How Can I Make an Impact?

An act of impact is anything that makes a positive difference in the lives of others or the world around you. There are countless ways, big and small, to make an impact on Colgate Day; here are a few ideas to get you started. Once you’ve decided what kind of impact you’ll make, pledge to perform it by registering to help us achieve 1,300 acts of impact.
Volunteer at a community organization

Spend an afternoon volunteering for your local public library, animal shelter, or soup kitchen. Search for opportunities for you or for your entire family at

Pick up the tab for a stranger

Pay the bill for the table next to yours at a restaurant, or buy coffee for the person in line behind you at Starbucks. Be sure to wish the recipient “Happy Colgate Day!”

Help out a neighbor

Shovel your neighbor’s driveway, offer to babysit for free, or help an elderly neighbor with household chores.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper

Advocate for a cause that’s important to you, whether it’s a national political issue or the need for a stop sign at the end of your street.

Give blood

Or sign up to be an organ and tissue donor.

Offer an internship to a Colgate student

If you or your company can offer an internship to a current student, contact Shauna Hirshfield, Internship Coordinator, at

Clean up a local park, beach, or riverbed

Bring your kids to help out, too!

Sign up as a volunteer docent

Local museums, theaters, and arts institutes are often in need of volunteers—see if you can help!

Offer your services pro bono

If you’re a lawyer, financial planner, website designer, or have another valuable skill set, offer a few hours of your time pro bono. Ask a local community group or non-profit is they need specialized assistance, or connect with someone in the Colgate community that could use your help.

Plant a tree or garden

Help the earth, and create something beautiful that your neighbors can enjoy.

Donate clothing, toiletries, or food to a local homeless shelter

Or to an international aid organization to help refugees and victims of natural disasters.

Make a gift to support the COVE or another Colgate program

Visit or call 800-668-4428 to help current students make an impact.