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Congratulatory Receptions

Congratulatory receptions take place in April to welcome admitted students to the Colgate family. The Office of Admission, with its alumni partners, annually hosts receptions in nearly 20 locations across the country.
Congratulatory Reception
These events are a wonderful opportunity for alumni to engage the newest generation of the Colgate community as they celebrate their admission and commitment to Colgate!

The area chairperson is responsible for the planning of this event and any remarks held during this program. In some cases, an admission staff member may attend, but this should not be expected as the event should be run entirely by the area committee. Planning and scheduling begins in December. Once the date and location have been confirmed, the Office of Admission will include an invitation to the reception in the acceptance packages of admitted students. The Office of Admission will e-mail an invitation to all alumni volunteers, Board of Trustee members, and Society of Families members, as well.

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