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College Fairs

As an alumni admission volunteer you will represent Colgate at college fairs in your area. Help us get students and parents excited about Colgate and answer questions to the best of your ability.
Persson Hall
As an alumnus, you are already an ideal resource for a prospective student, but it is important to update yourself with current Colgate happenings. To make sure you are prepared, we have divided the college fair into three phases: preparation, the fair and Follow-up. Most of all, be relaxed and enjoy the opportunity to reach out and showcase Colgate University. Your participation will help Colgate stand out among other colleges and universities.

We look forward to working with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Samantha Alexander at 315-228-6401 if you have any questions or need additional materials.


  • Review the package of materials that the Office of Admission will mail to you. Bring this package with you as well as your viewbook, course catalogue, and a table banner.
  • Please arrive at the fair at least 20 minutes before it starts so that you can set up your table and be prepared for early arrivals.
  • Please set the inquiry cards and brochures on the table. Encourage each student to fill out an inquiry card and return it to you in order to be added to our mailing list.

The Fair

  • There may be quiet moments during the fair as prospective students flow in and out of the event; we ask that you remain at your table for the duration of the event as you never know when a potential Colgate student may walk by!
  • Remember that your goal is to make students and parents feel comfortable and to answer questions to the best of your ability.
  • Many students will be curious about Colgate and others may be more interested in other institutions. As we all know, the college search is a very personal and individualized process and everyone is looking for something different throughout their searches. So don’t worry if you don’t speak to every student who walks through the doors of the fair.
  • Also, keeping the last point in mind, please decline to comment about other institutions. As a representative of Colgate, we’d like you to focus specifically on your undergraduate experience at Colgate as you engage with students and family members.
  • Encourage students to visit About Colgate and/or to plan a visit to campus!


  • After the fair, please complete the College Fair Summary as soon as possible and return any completed inquiry cards to the Office of Admission in the envelope provided.
  • Please keep any extra materials as well as the table banner for future events. If you do not wish to keep the extra materials (excluding the table banner), please return them to the Office of Admission at your convenience.