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Event Promotion

Trivia sheet from an alumni event pitting DC alumni versus Colgate faculty.

What We Can Do

Events will be promoted at the discretion of the Office of Alumni Relations via the alumni website, mailed invitations, and e-mail reminders. Keep in mind that the Office of Alumni Relations will need details at least eight weeks prior to the event to prepare and mail invitations and at least six weeks' notice to send an e-mail reminder about the event.

What You Can Do

Some alumni clubs choose to advertise their events on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Colgate alumni often visit these sites to learn about events and opportunities to gather with friends. For more information on the manager of those web pages, please contact the alumni office or the club leadership directly. The event planner is encouraged to make phone calls to alumni to increase attendance.

Complimentary Spirit Items

Once the submitted event request has been reviewed and approved, the Office of Alumni Relations will send information and complimentary Colgate spirit items to enhance and help you execute your event.