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Finance and Banking Network

Colgate’s Finance and Banking Network plays a critical role in the engagement of alumni and parents. It is also instrumental in assisting Colgate in achieving its fundraising goals.

Finance and Banking Challenge 2016

MAKE A GIFTThis year, we invited the above firms to participate in a month long challenge from June 1-30,2016. The firm with the highest percentage of Presidents' Club members by June 30 will win this year's challenge. If two or more firms are tied, the total percentage of alumni employee donors will be the tie breakerMatching gifts count toward membership in the Presidents' Club and other gift societies, so please submit your company match, if eligible.
The ultimate goal of the network is to ensure lifelong connectedness between the institution and alumni and parents working within the financial services industry. The network will also aim to support undergraduate professional development, cultivate new professional opportunities for members, and secure philanthropic support for the institution. This cohort is led by an on-campus coordinator and a group of dedicated volunteers. In order to achieve the objectives listed above the leadership team drafts an annual strategic plan highlighting solicitation, event, and engagement goals. We encourage alumni and parents to forward us their ideas on how the network can better engage the Colgate community and to provide programmatic ideas. Please feel free to contact us at

Events Planned for 2014-15

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Leadership Team

Jocelyn Donat '88 - Chair of Finance and Banking Network | HR Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Thomas Opladen '07 - Vice Chair of Finance and Banking Network | Associate of Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

- Zachary Craumer '10 - Eaton Partners