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An update from the Senior Class Gift Committee

This year, the Class of 2014 is proud to announce that we are raising support for the Class of 2014, Luke Stalker Memorial Scholarship.
Luke Stalker was a beloved member of our class. He was a concentrator in Peace and Conflict studies, a brother of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, a member of the Geneva Study Group and of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy club. Luke had a heart for traveling and loved being in nature doing activities such as hiking and skiing. His selfless consideration for others, genuine interest in getting to know others and confidence in life will always be remembered. He wasn’t afraid to be himself and to pursue his passions.

Luke passed away while traveling during his study abroad program due to a tragic accident, and his untimely death came as an unexpected shock to all. Our goal is to secure participation from 95 percent of the class, and we are hoping we can give back to the school not only for our class legacy but for Luke Stalker's as well.

Earlier this month, we hosted an event at the Good Nature Brewery to give students a chance to learn more about the committee and our goals. We are planning one more event for fall semester, a study break before finals. Once we return in January, we will start making plans for spring events and solicitations in an effort to achieve our senior class gift goals.

The committee is also planning an off-campus spring Presidents’ Club event for those members in the Class of 2014.

For more information about the Senior Class Gift, please contact Kristin Loop at kloop@colgate.edu.