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Annual Fund Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I make a gift to the Annual Fund Scholarship program?

One of the main concerns of many parents with college-age students is the cost of a higher education. By creating an Annual Fund Scholarship you will be aiding the institution in ensuring all accepted students have access to a Colgate education regardless of need. You will also be supporting the institution’s top priority: financial aid.

2. Outside of making Colgate accessible to all students, how else will additional financial aid resources benefit the institution?

The institution has identified three specific areas of opportunity that increased funding for financial aid will address: elevating the academic profile of the institution, increasing socio-economic diversity on campus, and strengthening Colgate’s competitive position in the future. 

3. What is the financial commitment?

Each Annual Fund Scholarship requires a $5,000 annual commitment. Those interested are encouraged to create multiple scholarships for maximum impact. 

4. When will my gift be used?

One important advantage of an Annual Fund Scholarship is that the full amount of your gift supports current students in the fiscal year in which it is given. The scholarship, therefore, is a gift of immediate impact.

5. Will I be connected with a student?

Yes! You will receive a profile and letter from a student that is currently benefitting from financial aid. These materials will give you a glimpse of the type of students your gift is impacting. They will also highlight how these students are thriving on campus.

6. Who should I contact with more questions?

Please contact Jen Stone, jstone@colgate.edu with more questions.