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Annual Fund Scholarship Program

In 2006, Colgate launched a unique gift option for leadership donors to the Unrestricted Annual Fund with exciting stewardship opportunities.
Student performs research in Professor Jun Yoshino's laboratory.
With a commitment of $5,000 or more, an Annual Fund Scholarship donor will learn about the transformative impact of financial aid from a current Colgate student. Donors who make a gift of $10,000 or more will receive a full profile and personalized letter from a financial aid recipient.

Financial Aid at Colgate

In our changed economic environment, access to higher education will become increasingly difficult for students and their families.  Colleges and universities who are able to provide increasing levels of financial assistance to qualified students will thrive while schools less able to allocate additional resources to financial aid may be left behind.  

Given this scenario, Colgate leadership has designated financial aid as our highest priority. The goal is to make a Colgate education accessible to all students who are capable of, and interested in, the intense level of engagement that Colgate offers, regardless of that applicant’s aid status. Within this overarching goal, the institution has identified three specific areas of opportunity that increased funding for financial aid will address: elevating the academic profile of the institution, increasing socio-economic diversity on campus, and strengthening Colgate’s competitive position in the future. This graph highlights the importance of financial aid.

Annual Fund Scholarships support Colgate’s top priority of financial aid by providing grant funding for our financial aid awards and thereby easing the loan burden on our students.  It is also important to note that the full amount of an Annual Fund Scholarship supports current students in the fiscal year in which it is given. The scholarship, therefore, is a gift of immediate impact and provides Colgate great flexibility in fulfilling its commitment to meet the demonstrated financial need of deserving students.

Below are a few of the many students who have benefitted from financial aid and generous donors who have supported the program.

Your Support Allows Them to Achieve Their Dreams!

Marilyn Hernandez Stopp '14
Marilyn Hernandez-Stopp '14
Hometown: Lakewood, Col.
Concentration: Latin American studies
“I am actively involved in several groups and organizations like the Benton Scholars Program and the Latin American Student Organization. I also work for the Office of Communications, and I have been a member of the Multicultural Recruitment Committee as well. I look forward to doing much more on campus and to continue growing as a student, individual, and member of the global community!"
Evan Chartier '14
Evan Chartier '14
Hometown: Oak Park, Ill.
Concentration: Sociology and anthropology, and women's studies
"I have organized a new student group on campus, Colgate Advocates for Positive Sexuality. CAPS addresses a wide range of sexuality and gender issues on campus. In addition, my Projects for Peace proposal to study the connection between foreign aid and violence in Kenya and Uganda during summer 2012 was recently funded with a $10,000 grant."
Marvin Vilma '14
Marvin Vilma '14
Hometown: Springfield Gardens, N.Y.
Concentration: Sociology

“As a native New Yorker, I was initially apprehensive about coming to Colgate, especially due to the change in environment. However, I found there were many things to do on campus that have furthered my personal growth, including getting involved with the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE). Working with the COVE exposed me to a whole new line of work that I love: social justice.”

Alumni and Parent Benefactors

Arthur Robinson and Soraya Mariel P '15
Arthur Robinson and Soraya Mariel P ’15

“Our family believes strongly in the Colgate experience and its emphasis on liberal arts taught by a world class faculty in a small class environment. The goal of education is to provide the next generation with more options than the previous one, and saddling young men and women with debt (or having the experience denied) defeats the purpose of the gift of education. For these reasons, we support the Annual Fund Scholarship program.
Gabriel Schwartz '00Gabriel Schwartz ’00
Gabriel Schwartz ’00

"In addition to a lifetime of incredible memories, my time at Colgate built the foundation for the success I've had in the 13 years since I graduated. Supporting the Annual Fund Scholarship program is a way to help provide some of the same opportunities to a new generation of Colgate students."

More Information

Jennifer Stone
Director of Leadership Giving