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Maroon Advantage Career Services Toolkit

The Maroon Advantage Toolkit is a collection of resources to assist alumni in taking full advantage of the Colgate network and career services office.

Chapter 1: Self-Reflection

Self-Reflection Guide
Whether you are seeking your first professional job or want to change your career direction, you must take stock of what’s important so you can honor your professional SELF and play to your strengths.

Chapter 2: Networking

Networking Guide
The reality is that people hire who they know and who they trust so it’s essential to build a community of people, known as your network, that will help you showcase your value in the workplace so you can achieve your career goals.

Chapter 3: Social Media

Social Media Guide
Recruiters troll social media sites frequently looking for new talent. Whether you are searching for an entry-level opportunity or experienced career advancement, you should have a social media presence that reflects your professional best.

Chapter 4: Career Research

Career Research Guide
Conducting research is the first step to empower you with information to help you make informed career decisions and choices.

Chapter 5: Resume/Cover Letter/Portfolio

Resume/Cover Letter/Portfolio Guide
A polished and professional looking toolkit is essential for marketing your strengths. Often this is the first introduction others will have of you so a lasting positive impression is crucial for success.

Chapter 6: Interview

Interview Guide
Once you have landed the interview, you have a fresh opportunity to impress an employer beyond your written materials. This section will outline the different types of interviews and highlight strategies to help you ace this crucial part of the hiring process.

Chapter 7: Negotiation

Negotiation Guide
Educating yourself so you know your value in the job market is crucial. In this section, we’ll cover negotiation techniques for salary, and other tangibles that have worth in the career world.

Chapter 8: Career Maintenance

Career Maintenance Guide
It’s important for professionals to be in control of their own career destiny because it’s not your boss’s job to look out for your career future. Learn how to showcase your value during a performance review and ask for a raise when the time is right.