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Colgate is a contributing member to the online learning platform edX.
An image of the Euphronios krater depicting the body of Sarpedon carried by Hypnos and Thanatos (Sleep and Death), while Hermes watches.
This course explores the idea that war is both universal and particular. Gain a broad-based understanding of warfare in ancient Greece through Homer’s account of the Trojan War.


Living Writers on ColgateX focused on esteemed authors.
Students, alumni, and parents immersed themselves in the great literature of our time, hearing directly from the authors themselves in person or through live webcasts.


What is ColgateX?

ColgateXColgate joined edX in March 2014 through a unique partnership with Hamilton College. Colgate offers noncredit online courses that create opportunities for enhanced engagement with off-campus communities and serve as a venue for faculty to test innovative instructional methods to benefit our students on campus.