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A Day in the Life

Invite an undergraduate into your workplace during January break. Our popular job shadowing program gives students a taste of professional life and a glimpse of the success that awaits creative, determined Colgate alumni.

Carlie Lindower participated in A Day in the Life program at the Food Network's headquarters in New York City.
A Day in the Life allows students to explore careers in their field of interest by shadowing a professional for one day over winter break. By connecting with a Colgate sponsor, you will gain a first-hand look at careers and build your professional network!

Sam Robinson '12

Sam RobinsonThe Day in the Life program, organized by the Center for Career Services, provides students the opportunity to visit alumni where they work. I have participated in the program for the past three years, and it has solidified my interest in a career in finance.

In early January, I had the pleasure of spending a week at Cahn Capital Corp., a New York City–based boutique investment bank run by founder and president Stewart Cahn ’61. Mr. Cahn graduated from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business with a MBA degree in finance following Colgate and has more than 40 years of experience in investment banking. The firm specializes in the private placement of senior debt, subordinated debt, and equity.

On my first day, I was given a desk and folder of research. I spent the morning reading about six different companies seeking capital in fields ranging from biotech to green technology to Internet social media. I discussed the positive and negative aspects of each company and learned the history of each project by talking with different team members. I attended meetings with prospective clients and observed the firm’s evaluation process. I also contributed by asking questions and voicing my opinions.

Mr. Cahn extended a unique experience through the Day in the Life program. I learned how investment banking firms like Cahn Capital operate and select corporate clients for structuring and placing capital to assist in their growth. This experience helped me realize that investment banking is an interesting and challenging field to pursue. Without the program and the efforts of alumni like Mr. Cahn, I would not have as clear a perspective of the financial world or my career options upon graduating.

Yvett Sosa '12

Yvett Sosa '12We are all familiar with the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Unfortunately, for most of us, answering this question has become increasingly harder.

Although the medical field has always appealed to me, having never witnessed a surgery, I was unsure whether the medical profession was actually for me. Fortunately, through Colgate’s Day in the Life program, I was given the opportunity to shadow a plastic surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Sherwyn ’78, who was kind enough to let me witness a lower face-lift procedure.

This experience had a profound impact on me. Besides giving me a great 101 facial anatomy lesson, it made me realize I could handle seeing the rigors of an operating room, and simultaneously reaffirmed my passions. My fascination and interest shadowing Dr. Sherwyn not only left me craving more knowledge and experiences like this one, but also increased my confidence in knowing that a medical career path is right for me. It fostered both a determination and motivation toward achieving my goal of becoming successful in this career.

I am infinitely grateful to the Center for Career Services and Dr. Sherwyn’s generosity (as well as his medical team members Liz and Ken), for this experience that allowed me to make revelations about both myself and my future goals.