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The Advent of the Atomic Bomb

You’re invited to participate in The Advent of the Atomic Bomb Twitter Project.
Atomic Bomb
Students will be using Twitter to re-tell the story of the creation and deployment of the atomic bomb, in “real” time on Twitter.

Your goal is to engage in whatever way you want with the posts below. Do you want to ask Albert Einstein about his objections to the bomb? Or perhaps you’d like to ask Szilard his thoughts about not winning a Nobel Prize? Did you see a character writing something that might be classified, and want to ask them what shenanigans he’s up to? Simply respond to the tweets of interest using Twitter. Students playing the character roles are monitoring their accounts and should respond in character to your questions or comments.

Our goals are to grasp the complexity of the process and the interconnectedness of the players involved in the Manhattan Project and the deployment of the bombs, using this (very experimental!) role-playing exercise. In the process, we will explore the wide range of lenses through which to view this important historic period.