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Nomination and Election

All alumni who have attended Colgate for at least one semester, and are members of the Colgate University Alumni Corporation are eligible to serve.
The Nominations Committee operates in a yearly cycle that culminates in the publishing of a slate of candidates in the winter edition of the Colgate Scene, but nominations are accepted at any time during the year and from eligible alumni. An alum may nominate him or herself.

Nominations should be sent or e-mailed to the Executive Secretary, Tim Mansfield.

Each year, the profiles of approximately 300 candidates are reviewed and discussed. The following key criteria are used as a guide to selection:
  • Volunteer service and leadership in Colgate affairs
  • Consistent history of financial support to Colgate
  • Demonstrated commitment to Colgate over time
  • Meaningful personal or professional accomplishments or contributions to the greater community
  • Readiness and willingness to become more involved on behalf of the university
The Nominations Committee strives to select a slate of candidates that ensures that the Alumni Council reflects both the graduating class distribution and the diversity of the alumni membership as a whole.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee reviews your nominations, then makes a recommendation for election based on each candidate’s potential for service. We ensure that nominees represent the class distribution and diversity of our alumni community, and we continually evaluate the nomination and election process, suggesting changes as appropriate.