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Determining Your Transfer Category at Colgate

The first step to take when transferring to Colgate is to determine what category you should apply for, based on your personal experience.

Application Process

To make the application process as easy as possible, we have outlined four steps for you to consider and follow:

Transfer Categories

There are several different categories of transfer applications. Review the descriptions below to learn how you should be categorizing your own application.
Transfer student
When applying as a transfer student at Colgate you should meet one of the following requirements:
  • You have matriculated in a college-level degree program and now wish to attend Colgate. 
  • You possess an associate degree.
Visiting student
When applying as a visiting student, both of the following are true:
  • You want to spend one-term at Colgate after spending a minimum of one term at your home college (requires home college approval).
  • Your degree is still awarded from your home college.
Special exemption student
When applying as a special exemption student, the following are typically true:
  • You are typically an area resident who cannot enroll for a full course load.
  • This status is an exemption for special circumstances.
When applying for readmission, the following are true:
  • You previously withdrew or were withdrawn from Colgate.
  • Readmission is not guaranteed.
  • Academic requirements are based on your time of readmission.
Colgate does not accept transfer, visiting, or special exemption student applications for the undergraduate program from individuals who already possess a bachelor's degree.

High School Student with Advanced Standing

Small class attentively listening to an outdoor lecture
Students who have supplemented their high school curriculum with college-level classes in a non–degree-seeking program and students who have enrolled in a high school enrichment program associated with a college may have the option of applying to Colgate as either a first-year student or a transfer student.

The benefits and limitations for these options are outlined below:
Admission as a first-year student
  • Permitted a total of six course credits of transfer/pre-matriculation work.
  • Participate in first-year orientation.
  • Enroll in a first-year seminar during your first semester; faculty member becomes adviser.
  • Participate in first-year residential experience.
  • Complete all four components of the core curriculum.
  • Complete Global Engagements requirement.
  • Fulfill Areas of Inquiry requirements.
  • Apply using a first year-application.
  • Admission available for fall term.
Admission as a transfer student
  • Permitted up to 16 course credits of transfer/pre-matriculation work.
  • Participate in transfer orientation.
  • Register for classes with appropriate class year.
  • The number of required core classes is determined by class year.
  • Complete Global Engagements requirement.
  • May be able to fulfill Areas of Inquiry requirements with transfer credits.
  • Obtain on-campus housing based on entering class year.
  • Apply using a transfer application.
  • May be admitted for fall or spring terms.

Living Arrangements

Housing placement is based on the entering class year of the transfer student. Please refer to the housing options page for detailed descriptions of all on-campus housing opportunities.

Fall semester assignments are completed by early August; for the spring term, in early January.