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How We Travel

Colgate Memorial Chapel visible over the tree line
Fall high school visits
Our staff starts to plan fall visits in May and we will reach out to you to make appointments. If you have any interest in one of our staff members attending a program or speaking to the students at your school, please let us know as early as possible. Additionally, let us know if there are any fairs or special events that we should be aware of while planning our visits so that we do not duplicate efforts.

When we visit schools, we plan to spend about 45 minutes at each high school. The majority of our time will be spent speaking with students to help inform them of what Colgate has to offer while also answering any questions that they may have. Additionally, we like to speak with guidance counselors during our visits to give you any updates or information that might help you assist your students.
College fairs
We attend many college fairs throughout the entire academic year. While we wish that we could be at every fair, there are instances when we will send alumni representatives, and they are thrilled to be representing Colgate at your school. Please send us any information about upcoming fairs as soon as the information becomes finalized.
Community-based organizations
One of Colgate’s main priorities is to reach out to and connect with as many community-based organizations as possible. We are happy to meet with CBO staff members and their students should our schedule allow. While we can offer a traditional visit that will provide information about Colgate, we are also happy to work with students on more general workshops (i.e. essay writing, mini-case studies). Feel welcome to ask us to meet with your students. We are available after the traditional school day and if we can make a visit work, we would love to!
Spring travel
While the majority of our staff travel takes place in the fall, we also travel in the spring for college programs (i.e. fairs, workshops, case studies). Our alumni representatives are happy to take part in these spring events as well. We do our best to attend as many of these spring programs as possible, so please notify us about program dates and details as soon as the information becomes available.