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International (Non-Canadian) Citizens

Colgate offers need-based financial aid and does not offer academic merit aid.
Colgate financial aid is available on a limited basis to students who are not U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens.  We anticipate that each year only a relatively small and highly qualified group of international students will be offered financial aid.  While competition for international student financial aid is strong, we are committed to maintaining and expanding our global campus community.

Because Colgate notifies students of its admission and financial aid decisions at the same time, institutional aid is provided only to those first-year students who have demonstrated need and apply for assistance before an admission decision is made; and aid applicants can be considered for admission only when both their admission and aid applications are complete. Therefore, if you are applying for Colgate aid it is important to send the required financial aid application materials by the appropriate deadlines.  Colgate cannot guarantee that an otherwise-qualified applicant will receive institutional financial aid if the deadlines are not met.

A non-Canadian international student who enrolls at Colgate and has been awarded aid does not reapply for aid each year -- the student's family contribution is determined upon acceptance and will remain the same so long as the student remains enrolled and continues to be eligible to receive financial aid as an international student.  Financial aid is not available in future years to an international student who did not receive aid upon admission

However, international students who become U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens during their enrollment will thereafter be treated as domestic students and, as such, will need to reapply for aid annually.  Such students may apply for aid even if they did not receive aid as first-year students.

Please do not submit copies of income or bank statements prior to admission.  Such documents will not be considered as part of our financial aid review process.  However, as noted below, documentation of resources will be required of all international applicants who are admitted and decide to enroll at Colgate. 

Any questions regarding the financial aid application process should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at Questions regarding other aspects of studying in the United States may be directed to the Office of International Student Services.

Application Requirements

Prior to Admission


The CSS PROFILE is used to determine eligibility for institutional aid.  Widely used by many private colleges, the application is available online, beginning each year in early fall, at  Please wait to submit your application until the correct year's form is available, selecting the school year for which you will be enrolling so we can properly track your submission.  Consult the PROFILE instructions for the necessary fees.  When asked, you should list Colgate, code 2086, on the PROFILE so we will be able to access your application.  Please be aware that because of annual software updates we may not be able to receive your data immediately upon submission.  Early decision applicants need not be concerned about this delay so long as the acknowledgment from the College Board indicates that Colgate will be among the colleges to receive the application.  Students with questions or concerns about filing the PROFILE should contact the Office of Financial Aid at

Please use the "Explanations/Special Circumstances" section of the PROFILE to provide information about any special circumstances about which you feel the Office of Financial Aid should be aware. In many cases we are not initially able to take such circumstances into account; but with further documentation, such as might be requested during the course of a financial aid appeal, we are sometimes able to make adjustments.  Please feel free to contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have any concerns.

    Noncustodial PROFILE (if applicable)

Information must be provided by each living biological or adoptive parent.  If your biological or adoptive parents live apart and are divorced, separated, or were never married to each other, then the custodial parent (i.e., the parent with whom you more often reside) completes the PROFILE, and the noncustodial parent completes the Noncustodial PROFILE.  The Noncustodial PROFILE process begins after completion of the custodial parent's PROFILE.  Filing instructions will be provided by CSS electronically.  Students with questions or concerns about the Noncustodial PROFILE requirement should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

After Payment of the Enrollment Deposit

 2) Documentation of Resources

In preparation for submission of an I-20 form (part of your visa application), you will be contacted by our Office of International Student Services (OISS) and asked to submit documentation that you have sufficient resources to meet those educational expenses not covered by financial aid.

International students not applying, or not eligible, for financial aid will also be required to submit documentation of their resources in order that Colgate can prepare the I-20 form.  Such students will be contacted about this requirement after payment of the enrollment deposit.

Providing false information in order to obtain financial aid will result in the cancellation of any aid.