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Summer Institute

Colgate recognizes that not all high school students have access to the same academic and co-curricular resources. Similarly, not all students arrive at Colgate equally prepared to take full advantage of all the university has to offer.

Colgate’s Summer Institute makes it possible for Colgate to welcome a number of students who have triumphed over educational, socioeconomic, or cultural challenges — and enhance their campus experience.

The Summer Institute is an intensive five-week gateway experience designed for 30-45 incoming students who, besides their academic potential, show much promise in the areas of leadership and community/civic engagement.

Hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) within Colgate’s Center for Learning, Teaching and Research (CLTR), the program provides an academic and social orientation to life at Colgate, and promotes personal growth and educational achievement. 

During the summer session students complete two credit-bearing courses that meet requirements needed for graduation and on occasion a non-credit-bearing additional writing course. The institute also prepares students for leadership and community engagement during their four years at Colgate.

While open to all students, CLTR has a particular commitment to addressing the needs of students who have been admitted through the university’s opportunity programs. CLTR offers a variety of support services including advising, tutoring, academic enrichment activities, and the Colgate Writing Center.

For more information about the support services that CLTR offers, please contact Hélène Julien.

Eligibility for Colgate’s opportunity programs is determined at the time of admission and does not require a separate application. For more information about admission through the Summer Institute or Higher Education Opportunity Program, please contact the Office of Admission.