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(For 2013–2014 academic year)

HEBR courses count toward the Human Thought and Expression area of inquiry requirement, unless otherwise noted.

121, 122  Elementary Hebrew
A. Guez
These courses teach modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel and are designed for students who are interested in developing oral and written Hebrew skills. The courses are helpful to those who are interested in deeper knowledge of Jewish culture and wish to improve their knowledge of Hebrew for religious studies. HEBR 121 and 122 are also helpful in preparing students for travel in Israel. HEBR 121 is designed for students with no previous Hebrew background and students who have learned to read phonetically without comprehension. HEBR 122 is designed for students who have completed HEBR 121 or have equivalent knowledge. (Formerly HEBR 101-102.)

201, 202  Intermediate Hebrew
A. Guez
These are the continuing courses for students who have completed HEBR 122 (formerly HEBR 102) and for students with equivalent or advanced knowledge of modern Hebrew. These courses aim at enhancing the students’ reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking skills and involve extensive teaching of grammar. Instruction tools include audiovisual materials, popular texts, Israeli newspapers, and exercises in the language laboratory.

291, 391  Independent Study
A. Guez