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There is a lot of paperwork involved in completing an AMS project. We have compiled all the forms you will need here. 


- Elements of a Proposal: print this page to make sure your final application meets our expectations. (Relevant to independent research only, not conferences or internships.)

- How to request a letter of recommendation: tips and suggestions.

- Budget: an example spreadsheet you can use to document your pre- and post-project expenses.

Travel Forms

- Student Travel Plans Form: Complete and return to Sarah Ficken before your trip

- Risk and Responsibility Independent Travel: Complete and return to Sarah Ficken before your trip

- Confidential Physician's ReportStudents, please complete questions 1-10 yourself and return the form directly to Sarah Ficken. Do not take the form to your family doctor or to student health services

- Colgate Policy on High-Risk Destinations: Please read and store for future reference. 

- International SOS Information: Worldwide assistance and evacuation services for all study abroad participants; for international travel only. Please read and store for future reference. Sarah will provide you with the SOS card when you turn in the above forms.