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Helpful templates for the proposal and travel forms to complete once the grant is approved.


  • Budget: a spreadsheet you can adapt to document your pre- and post-project expenses. (Your pre-project budget must be uploaded to the application form.)

  • Itinerary: a spreadsheet you can use to model an itinerary for your project. (Your itinerary must be uploaded to the application form.)

Travel Forms

  • Student Travel Plans Form: Complete and return to the AMS office in B1 McGregory after receiving your approval.

  • Risk and Responsibility Independent Travel: Complete and return to the AMS office in B1 McGregory after receiving your approval.

  • Confidential Physician's ReportStudents, please complete questions 1-10 yourself and return the form directly to the AMS office in B1 McGregory. Do not take the form to your family doctor or to student health services. (***NOTE: Only students traveling internationally must complete this form. You must submit this form even if you are currently abroad, and even if you are already located in the country in which you plan to conduct your AMS project.)

  • Colgate Policy on High-Risk Destinations: Please read and store for future reference.

    Students proposing to visit a destination that is either located in a country with a U.S. State Dept. Travel Advisory or Warning, or located in a country with an International SOS travel risk rating of "Medium" or "High" must complete and include the Colgate Health and Safety Planning form with their AMS Grant proposal. Students who do not include this form will experience delays in the approval process. It is also highly recommended that you speak with the AMS director or the director of off-campus study prior to finalizing your research plans.

  • International SOS Information: Worldwide assistance and evacuation services for all study abroad participants—relevant to AMS students conducting international travel only. Contact Off-Campus Study for Colgate's login credentials if you need to access the website prior to receiving your AMS Grant approval.