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Elements of an AMS Independent Research Proposal

I. Abstract

Your abstract should provide a concise summary of your project, a "big picture" overview. Begin with a brief contextualization, then explain how your project will expand, redirect, or otherwise advance current discourse. (100 words.)

II. Objective

In this section, you must provide details about your project: the who, what, where, when, and why. Aim to address each of the following: what you plan to do and the questions your project will answer; why this project is important; where your project will take place; why that specific location is appropriate; the sites and facilities you plan to visit -- including information about any formal approval you will need in order to visit; who you will speak and interact with; names of research contacts (both people and organizations) and their relevance to your project. You should also detail the qualifications and background you bring to this project. Make sure to identify specific skills, experience, knowledge, and interests that will enable you to see it through to completion. (500 words.)

III. Methodology

In this section, you should describe how you will complete your research. Detail specific methodologies, and identify equipment and supplies you will need. Keep in mind a few questions as you write: How will your work progress? What activities will help you find answers? Will you administer questionnaires, conduct quantitative measurements, take photographs and video, search archives, or some mixture of these? Keep in mind: if your research involves human subjects, you might need approval from the IRB. (300 words.)

IV. Annotated Bibliography

Use this section to demonstrate your grasp of appropriate resources. An annotated bibliography is much like a regular bibliography but includes a few descriptive sentences beneath each entry, explaining its relevance to your work. Limit this to compelling and foundational resources only. Your annotated bibliography must conform to APA, Chicago, or another commonly-accepted style guide. (300 words.)

V. Travel, Health, and Safety

Travel, health, and safety factors must be addressed, even if a country is not on the warning or alert list, and even if the project will be conducted in the United States. This section should therefore include detailed information on transportation, phone communication access, emergency plans, medical resources, pre-departure vaccinations, and medications.

If your proposal involves a country with a Department of State WARNING or ALERT, you must explain how you plan to incorporate necessary safety and security precautions. You can find a current list of warnings and alerts on the Department of State website by clicking here. Depending on the specific nature of the warning, you may also need to submit information according to Colgate's "Petitionable Travel" policy. You can find more details on that policy here. All proposals that concern travel outside of the country are subject to review by Colgate's risk managers.

Keep in mind that a country may not have an official travel warning, yet "significant risks" may be described within Country-Specific Information Sheets and Travel Alerts. You must be prepared to address these concerns on your itinerary, in your timeline, and in greater detail in this section of your proposal. (500 words.)

VI. Project Outcomes

Describe what you will do with the information you obtain from your project. Will you post on the AMS blog? Give a presentation? Write a paper? Make a video? Be creative, and consider outcomes that might encourage you to develop a new (even marketable) skill set. (100 words.)

VII. Faculty Involvement

Tell us about people who will serve as your advisers and mentors. What is your relationship to these people? Is one of them your academic adviser? What is their involvement with your proposal? How will they help you successfully accomplish this project? (200 words.)

VIII. Funding Statement

Please provide a statement indicating whether a part or all of the proposal is being submitted for any other research funding at Colgate or elsewhere. (100 words.)