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Summer Study Abroad

If you wish to study off-campus but can't go for a semester or on a Colgate extended study, you may wish to consider a summer study abroad experience.
Choosing a Program

Colgate does not maintain a list of approved, non-Colgate summer study abroad programs. Students seeking transfer credit from summer programs outside the United States should meet with an advisor from Off-Campus Study to discuss their plans.  Transfer credit from summer study abroad will only be accepted from U.S. university-led programs, direct enrollment at a foreign university, or from program providers listed on Colgate's Approved Programs list.

Program Approval and Deadlines

After meeting with an OCS advisor and selecting a program, students submit a Summer/Intersession Approval Form to Off-Campus Study in 101 McGregory Hall. OCS approval must be requested by November 15 for intersession programs, or by April 15 for summer programs, so advising appointments should be scheduled well in advance of those dates.

Transfer Credit from Summer Study

Students may earn up to two credits from summer study abroad.  The amount of credit awarded depends on factors including length of program, as explained on the Application for Transfer of Course Credit  form.  Note that most intersession programs do not meet requirements for transfer credit.

 All courses must be approved via submission of an Application for Transfer of Course Credit.  Approval of a program does not guarantee approval of individual courses, so students must consult the appropriate departments and the Registrar's Office when preparing the Application for Transfer of Course Credit. Many departments do not grant credit toward the major for work completed on summer programs abroad. Both the Requirements for Summer/Intersession Credit and Application for Transfer of Course Credit must be submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to the start of the program.

Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay summer program providers directly. Colgate financial aid is not available for summer programs.  Off-Campus Study advisors and the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships may be able to assist students in identifying scholarships possibilities.